questionsare there back-to-school deals for teachers?


I'd say having 2.5 months paid-time-off for the whole summer is a already a fantastic deal! But in all seriousness, a lot of stores have a teacher appreciation day in August and Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and all of those stores have either discount, or some sort of educator rewards program for teachers. It may be worth looking into if you already haven't. You can can find a nice list of teaching discounts and promotions here:


Sorry for double post got pulled away from desk and came back it was at 6 minutes.
Back to school deals at our Kmart are insane notebooks for $.10
Bulk pen deals would be the only thing I would buy online this time of year for supplies. Shipping it too high to make it worth while.


Teachers are allowed to get 25 each of the super cheap Staples deals (1¢ erasers and pens, etc) while the rest of us are limited to 1-4 (depending on the deal).


@eraten: A little off topic, but in our school district a teacher has the option of choosing 12 monthly payments or 10. As for the OP Staples does indeed seem to have the best deals for teachers that I have seen.


@eraten: Um, I don't know any teachers who get 2.5 paid months off.


Just for clarification, I am a teacher and we DO NOT get 2.5 months paid vacation. Most of us go the entire summer living off of what we saved during the year. We have the option of having money taken out of our paychecks every month so that we can get a check during the summer but it is not extra money. It's the same as us taking money out and putting it in our savings.