questionsanyone else think the woot front page now has too…


They bounce around frantically and shout, "Look!! More shiny stuff!!" Meanwhile, they ignore complaints from their customers (we, the community) and behave arrogantly as if they were the only game in town.

It is their death knell.


I don't think Woot is falling apart or anything. But I think that this Amazon insistence on opening more and more channels (and subchannels) at Woot completely defeats Woot's main strength: focus our attention on a small number of deals that will expire at the end of the day, and we will look over those items and seriously consider a purchase.

It's probably not an exaggeration to say that there are over a hundred items on sale at Woot right now. It's like a retail subtype of Enormity Paralysis: so many things to review that I actually just postpone seriously considering any of it.


@ohcheri: I think you just lost another listing. One moment I was looking at the sign, the next it was gone. I'm thinking one little thumbnail on the landing page may have been problematical for one of the mods.


@bls1: I seldom look at anything on the main sites. Sometimes I remember to glance at them, but mostly the clutter and site design make my eyes hurt, so I don't bother.


@ohcheri: To be fair, most of Woot proper (what's left) disagrees with those moves. They are Amazon initiatives forced down the pipe because the only way they know to make money is "sell more stuff."


well, I can still read the headings across the screen so my guess is there is room for more until we can't read them anymore. yes, this is sarcasm


@magic cave: I see it on the popular page, unless you are talking about a different one of course


@ohcheri: Woot does seem to be the only game in town for you when it comes to advertising. What happens to your business when Woot succumbs to said death knell? It simply amazes me that your company benefits immensely from Woot, yet you routinely criticize this company as if they owe you something, your actions seem pretty reckless and ungrateful.


@natedogg828: I have so little interest in it anymore that I literally "don't see the tabs" as a rule. They're just not in my field of consciousness. Occasionally I inadvertently mouse over one of them and the pop-up image will catch my attention, but I seldom bother to really look at it.


@laalo: For someone who manages to get a full handful of deals posted here each day (and can't even be bothered to RIP your own deals when they're dead), you're pretty dismissive of another merchant who voices legitimate complaints that most of us here agree with.

"Gratitude" has nothing to do with it. Wootizon needs vendors to make this site successful; it's a symbiotic relationship that isn't working very well these days for some merchants, including @ohcheri.

I wonder if it's worth the time and energy to see which of the two of you rack up more up-votes.


@laalo: According to Alexa you get 22% of your traffic from WOOT so I'm not sure why you have adopted this superior posture?

I also see from your voting history that you don't think my prices are very good so I'm curious, what lingerie sites do you use as a comparison when you determine that my deals are worthy of a down vote?

Why do I criticize? Because I see wrongness. It is my right and my duty as a consumer and a human being to criticize wrongness.


Well seems I need to revisit my policy of not down voting deals. I always thought that ignoring or overlooking deals was enough for me. Sad when a vendor calls out another one w/this: 'your actions seem pretty reckless and ungrateful.' <----That's a reckless comment, IMO.

To reaffirm what @ohcheri and others have stated - her complaints are valid. She is an active and valued member of the deals community. At least in MY eyes. Of course, there are some who seem to have blurry vision. Or blurry reasoning. Or something.

My response to the OP: Too many categories? I've finally stopped laughing. The answer is YES. Especially overcrowded and unwieldy because there is no way to search for items you might be interested in buying. Not worth the time/effort to slog through each group and their Plus deals. Gave up long ago.


Absolutely. I think the line has definitely been crossed. It's simply too much to try to look at it all.


@gmwhit: 1 account = 1 vote.....or downvote . 2 accounts = ....well, you know. :)


@robingraves: I know. I KNOW. Just not into multiple accounts. Sock puppets, as it were. I'm only gmwhit. Often (read: always) outspoken. And I seem have a lovely stalker who likes to down vote me. Constantly.

Ah, well...that's their problem. I'm not worthy of the hatred. ;-) Trust me, I'm just a harmless little old lady. BTW: Anyone need some lovely, arid property in SW Florida? Perfect for building your dream home. ...I know of some available near (okay, in) the Everglades.


@ohcheri: As a consumer and a human being? First, I don't know how you're a consumer when you get advertise here for free. That's laughable.

The point that laalo is making here, which both of you have missed, is that you advertise here for free and yet feel like you have a right to criticize them for how they manage the house you're a guest and a bit of a leech (my words) in.

Net-net, you benefit more from woot than you contribute. And you dare call woot a hypocrite.

Take a couple month off from posting your ads for free on deals.woot and see what happens to you traffic and revenues. You'll come crawling back with a whole new attitude.


@first2summit: you're making some large assumptions there. How do you know that @ohcheri doesn't purchase from woot and/or from the deals that others post here (which woot gets a piece of), making her a consumer? And how do you know how much woot benefits from @ohcheri vis a vis how much she benefits from them? All of that aside, your argument is "if you get something for "free," you can't make valid suggestions or ever complain." Why not? The rest of us do it all the time!


@kylemittskus: Why do you think you get to complain about something you get for free? That's the attitude from a spoiled entitled brat.

And all ocheri has to do is not post anything for a couple months and woot may or may not see their traffic drop from her loss. It's that simple...though I don't think she or any of the other non-paying vendors would ever take that challenge.


@first2summit: Consumer: A person who purchases goods and services for personal use.

As you can see from my badges I have purchased things from WOOT.

You do realize that WOOT doesn't care if you buy any of their products, right? They are using us to provide traffic which equals revenue. The stuff they actually sell is a secondary revenue stream.

If WOOT didn't want vendors advertising their deals here we wouldn't be here.


Y'all need to stop with the kvetching. The question was asked and @ohcheri has as much right to comment on it as any of us. If you don't feel an answer contributes to the conversation, click the down arrow and move on. This bickering is pure silliness, in this old woman's opinion.

To the original question: Absolutely too many tabs and too many things under each tab. I barely glance at the lists as I hover over each tab, rarely clicking through to look at anything. Not only too many, though, but the same things over again. I can't remember the last time anything on that side piqued my interest. I miss the fun stuff!


To all that complained about @ohcheri: complaint. Perhaps as an active member @ohcheri: want to save Woot like the rest of us active members.

Tabs are like cowbells (I swear I am kidding)

Even Amazon thought the Tabs were too much


@mamajamerson: upvote for use of the word 'kvetching'.


@carl669: And to you, one internet point is awarded for appreciation of the word usage. grin


Nah, there's room for AT LEAST two more tabs in between "deals" and the cart.


@rookie3001: They will follow Amazon and develop 2 layer tab technology!!!