questionshow will the world end? zombies? technology…


Nuclear war. It's more likely that we'll end this planet than anything else. For clarification purposes, the "we" part is a reference to humanity, not America, or anything else. Just the plain and simple fact that we (once again, humans) are constantly fighting one another shows that we have more potential to do damage to the world than any zombie, robot, alien life form, or pretty much anything else.


@captainsuperdawg: humanity has become more and more peaceful as the years go by. Your odds of being killed by some faction on the warpath has steadily declined for centuries, it's just that today you see & hear about war more often you used to.

I think we'll just die off from sheer stupidity, since the best educated and most productive people seem to end up (on average) having the fewest kids. The gene pool is on a steady decline towards the movie "Idiocracy". A society needs a birthrate of around 2.3 kids per couple to maintain itself, and most modernized and/or affluent nations are nowhere near that rate, at least amongst their best educated, productive, or affluent citizens. Japan is ready for a steady decline in population the likes of which the world has never seen, and Europe and the USA are on the same path.


“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein

"This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.' TS Eliot

I just hope that whatever method we choose will leave tigers and elephants and whales and dogs out of it. We have no right to drag all our little brothers and sisters into the grave with us..


It all starts with a shortage of deals...


@captainsuperdawg: I'm pretty sure that if aliens wanted to wipe us out, they would have no problems.


@moondrake: lions and tigers and elephants make great beasts of burden for war.


@inkycatz: I'd be more worried about a cake made by you. :)

As for the OP, I choose "other".


@kamikazeken: Elephants have been used as war mounts, but more for "shock and awe"and property damage than in the actual fight. Even a trained cavalry horse is going to run for the hills the first time it comes up against an elephant, and plenty of troops will be hot on their heels. Lions and tigers are wholly unsuited to be beasts of burden. Temperamentally and structurally they just won't work. Like elephants, they have huge nutritional requirements, and the last thing you want in your camp is a quarter ton of hungry apex predator.