questionsis digital audio out worth it?


It depends. If the soundbar is a simple 2-channel stereo model it won't make any noticeable difference. Also, if your TV model only supports stereo output on the digital out you won't notice a difference.

So check your specs on the soundbar and TV. If both are capable of surround sound it might be worth the optical upgrade.


Yes, I would go with the optical cable.

The low price will be worth the difference in sound in return.


@drsilentg: The soundbar appears to be a 4-channel surround system, but I can't find any details on the TV. Neither the product specs nor the manual give any details on what the optical output is capable of. It used to be very common for TVs to only output stereo on the digital out port so I'd say that if they don't tell you it's 5.1 it's probably simple stereo.

I'd probably buy the cable and give it a shot. It may not sound any better using the digital cable, but it certainly won't sound worse.


Judging by the specs I would say go with the optical cable. JM2C