questionswho else does crapbeard say sorry to?


Not bad at all. Think anyone will forget to apply the coupon code? :)


Here's to hoping and praying that we can finally move on past Crap-Gate-2012....seriously glad this is over.

EDIT: Easy way to check before checking email..follow the link and try the code. I got my answer... :(


Honestly, I thought I was pretty quick to it, and got frustrated when it was sold out, but I got over it quickly.

It was a fun game, but there's a metric ton of people playing, and really, when it comes right down to it...

It's all pretty much crap in the end. :)

Thanks though, Woot! You guys are the best.


Lame response from Woot. "Sorry about the hassle..." is a non-apology.


It's okay Crapbeard. We all still love you and your band of merry pirates. Thanks for the game Woot! I look forward to any other shenanigans you may have!


He's Canadian don't ya know? Crapbeard was born to say he's sorry...


invalid code ;( so close so many times

What a joke


Wait so there was an easy, open link for a BOC and it's already sold out?!? And to think, all I had to do was fork up one grand.
Dang. Another BOC has slipped by me


Yeah, no luck for me. And, I wasn't fast enough for the second one either. Oh well, it's the way of the crap for me :/


I got the email but I can't buy it because it says sold out :-(


@dachshund51288: Hey, you should email and they will help you buy your crap. A few people mistakenly hit the "buy" button on this, those orders will be cancelled. If you're irked about that, just think that everyone who tried to buy this crap that wasn't part of the 200, now have a $1,000 hold on whatever payment form they used. :)


@thumperchick: Yeah, I already did that, haven't heard back yeah though. I saw that someone asked on their facebook page and they said they are looking into it.