questionsany (affordable) suggestions for a wireless…


Anything that can be flashed with DD-WRT will do it. Lots of cheap options out there. I've had great success with this
as a wireless bridge running DD-WRT. There may be better deals for this model though.


I got a TP-Link off woot a while back for under $30. It was model "TL-WR842ND". It even advertises on the box being completely compatible with DD-WRT, although I haven't done it yet because the firmware out of the box seems to work just fine.


Question: What is your router and what are your needs for the bridge? If you going to put this in your media center and use it to stream video to your TV/PS3/Xbox, the a 201.11g router and bridge isn't going to cut is. You will need a good dual band 802.11n, which can be had for a reasonable price now. Ideally you would want a 802.11ac, but I think that may be out of your price range.


@countdown, @benyust2: Thanks for the tips. I've since ran across one that Newegg had that could work for $20 ... except they're sold out. :(

@wilfbrim: Base is a Verizon-issue Actiontec something or other model, 802.11g. No HD streaming, no gaming - just network access at the other end of the house for ethernet-only printer + computers. Nothing of high-demand at all.