questionswhat websites does your work block?


Since I have access to the router here, nothing is blocked for me.


pretty much all social networking sites for me, plus the usual NSFW type sites


streaming media (but not abcnews news videos ... yet)
pr0n, adult, dating, gaming, etc.
"web hosting" sites
whatever site woot is using to cache images

no1 no1

@narfcake: That begs the obvious question: so which sites are blocked for everyone else? :p


@neuropsychosocial: Just the usual social media sites. The problem was a couple employees in the past.


@xavoc: That's funny, I don't care who you are!


We aren't supposed to go on the internet for any personal reasons. The only thing we are allowed to do is check the e-mail for our site.

I have a smartphone, but that's supposed to be turned off.

However, I'm a bad girl, and leave my phone on and check it, and sometimes I bring in my laptop and use someones wi-fi and browse half the day away!

It does mean I've missed all social media opportunities for BOC's this week so far as I haven't been able to take my laptop in. I'm going to try to bring it in on Friday, but still no guarantees as I have to take care of my customers before I can have fun, and with my luck, someone will need my help when one posts. sigh Such is my life I guess :(


Just curious.. would using site proxies like be blocked too?


Among others, Facebook. So, Woot, freaking stop posting BOCs only on FB!


I've been informed that if you use https it usually isn't blocked. It's how we get personal email. or since facebook isn't blocked, you can use that as personal email.


Opera in turbo mode bypasses a lot of blocking software since it connects to opera servers that work like proxy servers. works on hand held devices and PC's. The company can still find out what you are doing but they have to put in a bit of effort.