questionswhat's a popular toy for boys currently?


nerf guns. my 12 y/o cousin is obsessed with owning every single one they make.

i know relatives don't always like it, but kids love getting $$$/gift cards. really, really, really. they can pick whatever they want & feel like a "big kid" when paying for it "all by themself."


Is he into gaming? The PSP just dropped in price.
I have always taken the easy way out. I buy a small present like a marshmallow shooter (complete with ammo) and then give them cash or a gift card.


You won't go wrong with video games for sure, but my boys (same age range as your nephew) also love to build Lego kits and some of the other science oriented construction kits:


pokemon are very old, now you have to make up for it. Nintendo 3ds, sure he will probably go blind in 2 years from it but kids that age never think of the future so your golden.


i heard the latest new rage is buy 1 get 1 free coupons to Chipotle


nerf guns
video games
skate boards
razor ripstick-style skateboards
electric scooters (not grampa styel ,the ones that look like razors with a battery pack & small motor)
fireworks, preferably illegal.


Thanks for all the suggestions!

I was considering getting a video game but his parents think that he plays too much already.

A nerf gun sounds good but then I'd probably have to get his younger brother one too. Yeah I think I might settle on that or this laser tag one I saw at Toys R Us. Laser tag is still cool, right? lol

Legos are a good a idea but they already have some. Their mom complains about stepping on a block now and then. I doubt she'd be too thrilled about me getting more for them haha.


@dodap: 10 is a good age to start doing more outdoors stuff. A decent compass, a compact set of binoculars, head-lamp flashlights go over really well. Some ideas here (not many deals):

My uncle bought me my first pocket-knife at around 10.