questionshave you made and ordered a photo book online?


I made a photo book from PhotoWorks a few years ago. It was pretty straight-forward and easy to manage. I first picked all the photos I wanted to have as options, then it had a digital "book" like I was making it in real life where I could drag and drop pictures. It's now part of shutterfly, so I can't say if it is still as easy to use.

I go through Groupon phases, too. I had to stop the emails from being sent to my phone to cut my addiction.


I made 2 through Shutterfly, both came out very nice. I found Shutterfly pretty easy to use, but I wasn't being particularly demanding...


I've made photobooks from Shutterfly & Snapfish. The Shutterfly default sizes for books were considerably smaller, but the pics definitely looked better. I found Shutterfly easier to use.


thanks for the replies. I will have to check out these sites. Shutterfly sounds like a good option.


shutterfly is awesome. sign up for their emails and you'll get free prints. after your first order (or maybe without even ordering) they will send you emails once or twice a year for a free photo book, just pay shipping. i have 2 photo books here i got free.