questionshow often does everyone check other sites before…


Always do. I at the very least verify against amazon and sometimes use other aggregate sites to check as well.


Every time something interests me. The woot-specific reason is comparing prices of refurbs and new. Also, how many new models have been released since the listed product, and what the differences are.

However, I check out multiple stores for every purchase from any store, looking for all the product info and reviews I can get.


ANYtime I intend to purchase something online I check for the same product on other sites to see if I'm getting the best deal I can. I can't make it rain, yo.


Never. Nope, not kidding. If something seems like it's a reasonable price, and I want it, I buy it. Otherwise, I don't. I buy far more from Amazon than anyplace. I like to buy from wine dot woot, but not when the weather's hot. Woot hasn't had much lately that I wanted, but I'm sure there will be something waiting around the corner that I can't live without.

I had a Ford Fusion as a rental for a trip I took just a bit ago. I'd like Woot to offer one of those. It was comfortable, and it handled well (although I'd have to find some way to disable the stupid Microsoft Sync thing).


I won't go googling everywhere, but I will check Amazon.


Best add-on I have ever used:

It checks all the other suppliers prices/shipping so you can comparison shop. Not that I need to do that with Woot!


It depends. On the normal 24 hour woot deals, I might check around. During a Woot.Off, if you snooze you lose. Learned that the hard way. It's hard to beat the deals on a Woot.Off.


If I see something I want, I make sure to read the comments on the deal and click on any links provided. If still in doubt, I usually look at Amazon and then either buy or don't - sometimes agonize until the item is sold out and then wonder what I have missed. You might say that sometimes with me, it is a definite maybe.


Most times. Unless it's a bag of crap. Those I get from the government.


I just wait for Nightghost to rate it. Oh Crap...Haven't bought anything in a while....Aahhhh...$hit....Guess I can't buy anything anymore.


I mostly buy from shirt.woot, so i don't think it's possible to find those designs on shirts anywhere else, especially for the price, so i rarely compare prices to woot. If posting a deal, i usually try to find it cheaper from a store that is just as safe and reliable, so that may count as shopping around. I think though, that normal woot usually has good to decent prices on the stuff they sell, and so that plus the completely terrific customer service they provide is reason enough for me to not necessarily shop around to find a better deal on a product, especially if the price difference isn't all that much


I actually check completed listings at a famous auction site, along with Amazon, just to see how much of a discount I would be getting there as well. Normally Woot has the best prices.