questionswhat do you think about there being 10,000 pages…


I think that the more Woot!ers help clean up old deals, the better it would be. But it's also indicative of an awesome community where a ton of great deals get posted for all to see.


Well, at least a dozen or so are expired...since I did them yesterday.

But that's a whole lotta deal.


There's a whole lotta tattle'n to be done!


I try to tattle at least once a week and usually get about 20-30 tattles in each time.

Here are some tips to shoot down the easy tattles:

Check out wootbot's deals added and go back a month or two. Almost all of those deals are different prices now and can be tattled.

Type in a holiday/holiday sales: Halloween, Easter, Chirstmas, Black friday. I guarantee there are still xmas deals that need to be reckoned so to say

Search 'Today only' that tends to yield a few responses whenever i do it.

Remember to look out for non-deals. A lot of vendors post deals at list price and usually have 0 votes. keep an eye out for those too

Also always expire your own deals. With your help we can keep DW clean.


I tattle as much as I can but 10,000 is a whole lot to go through and sort out. I think people need to be more vigilante in expiring their own posts. I am one of those people. I do also blame wootbot


I actually wouldn't mind if there was some sort of repository for past deals, though. I like to search through deals.woot whenever I'm looking to buy something I could see being listed on here to see what sort of prices it's been offered at in the past.


yea, i tattle a lot. i mean A LOT. i average a minimum of 30 on a slow day. i have days that i do 60 or 90. i feel sorry for @thefenst for having to deal with me and all my tattling. however i know it is a necessary thing. i feel that if they did a blanket rip on anything more than a year old it would be a lot easier and effective. also there would be a lot less newbies posting "why do i click on the deal listing $1.00 and it shows up at $98?"

my tips find a bigish company and do an advanced search excluding expired posted before jan 1, 2011. i've been working on one company for weeks now. finally down to 200+ to go. i have had 9 items that were still accurate price and available at this time from the 40 pages i started with.


I blame the "deal-a-day" sites as well as certain vendors(not @ocheri...she is vigilant). Oh, and wootbot. I tattle whenever I get the chance, but I seem to not have enough hours in a day. Spring cleaning headed by @moosezilla helped a lot, but can't TPTB do their part as well? I would think there should be a script run to RIP deals over XX number of days old. Please?