questionscan we stop this stupid gun control from becoming…


We can if we call, wright, and E-mail our congressmen and senators and tell them we do not want any type of gun control


No..See MOST of us want stricter gun controls!


Easy. Reverse time, then vote for the NON communists.


Same way we stopped the Patriot Act. My Congressman's assistants were real jerks when I call to voice my opinion (I have done it a few times). But then again my Congressman is Steve King so I guess it stands to reason.


Let's be realistic... The House will not let anything radical pass.
However, you can make your voice heard by voting representatives into office that have believes similar to your own.


What puzzles me is how the 4 million members of the NRA outvote 100 million anti gun people.


@olperfesser: Just because you're not a member of the NRA; doesn't mean you're anti-gun rights. I own guns, I hunt with them. I own a few handguns, and I even own an AR-15. I'm not a member of the NRA and in no way support their radical ideas.

I'm a level-headed and peaceful American who knows the value in having the proper tools in case violence invades my peace.


@dnrjenkins1959: Just out of curiosity, what made you drop in and join today? Aside from asking a provocative question, I mean.


I too am a former member of the NRA. I dropped my membership when they dropped their original purpose of supporting sport shooters, became a mouthpiece for the gun manufacturers, and opposed restrictions on armor-piercing bullets. Since then, they've become loonier every year and their members have become scarier every year.

I'm an unabashed bleeding-heart, do-gooder liberal. I'm the daughter of a career USNavy guy and the wife of another one. I was raised in a house that had both handguns and long guns, and I have both in my home today. I'm not anti-gun, but I'm deeply supportive of some restrictions on certain weaponry and of requiring background checks for every gun purchase. I'm also a believer in the first part of the Second Amendment, "A well-regulated militia," which is too often ignored.


@magic cave: Thank you, it is really hard for me to imagine over %50 of the people around me that vote, vote for Steve King.
@dnrjenkins1959: I suspect is a dup user who did not want to tarnish the rep. 

@olperfesser: Stranger is how commonsense laws some how anti NRA and anti gun.