questionswhere can i get the best deal on la noire for…


Best Buy is offering a $15 gift card with pre-order on top of their "Sharpshooter detective suit" offer.

I can't find it any cheaper. Everyone who had it cheaper has re-listed it back at normal price, as they normally do with game during launch week.

I reserved mine at Gamestop only because of the extra case, "The Naked City" and badge pursuit.
Walmart is also offering an extra case, "A Slip of the Tongue"


I did end up going with Best Buy's deal. I linked my Reward Zone & Best accounts together & had to manually add the $15 gift card to my card, but I think I got it. I didn't see the 500 bonus points anywhere in my order process, but maybe hopefully they'll show up in the next couple days on my Reward Zone account. And since I had a $5 certificate already available for use, that paid my sales tax, so my total was $58.80 :)

PLUS I was able to choose In Store Pickup so I can go get it tonight at midnight & try to be one of the first 16 people so I can get the Free DLC code they're giving out.


@giggleloop: Good luck. You'll have to get there a few hours early as the eBay poachers will be there too I bet.


Go there. they usually have games cheaper, and shipping is about $4. You will have a to wait a few days to get it, but it's worth the money I've saved. I got Halo: Reach for $17 in perfect condition used only 2 months after it came out.

I see that Glyde has it on pre-order.. Find out which of the $20 games sells for the most on Glyde, and you can sell it.


@wickedd365: Actually, I got there at 11:15pm & was the first in line at my Best Buy. There were maybe 15 people there by midnight. Got my free DLC. :)


@giggleloop: Good to hear.
I can already see myself throwing tons of money on the DLC for this game. Rockstar has already stated they will release the other pre-order DLC for purchase later. Glad to hear that as I was about to buy "A Slip of the Tongue" off eBay, till I saw the prices. Over $20 for DLC, people are stupid.