questionswhy does the paypal function of shirt.woot still…


I've never used the paypal payment, but did you make sure you went into and made sure your paypal info was good to go?

Example: "After you click the Save Changes button, you'll be sent to the PayPal site to set up your account. Once you've authorized us to receive payments, you'll be good to go on future purchases. You'll need to click "Return To Merchant" to come back here."

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I don't believe it's woot that is making you have a credit card, it might be the requirements of PayPal. They may use that as a backup fund if they cannot get the money out of your checking account.


It is Paypal, not Woot. They require a credit card to verify your account/ make sure you're a real person.

Try putting your checking account on your Paypal if it's not already there. Paypal always assumes I want to withdraw from my checking instead of putting it on a card. If you have some sort of payment option beyond the account credit, it should work.


Thanks for your fast answers. I've been checking my PayPal settings, and cannot find the solution in there. My bank account has been attached to my PayPal account and therefore, they should be able to get their money from over there. I've sent an email regarding this to PayPal's customer services, which will hopefully be answered soon, as the shirts might disappear...

Thank you guys!


Woot requires all Paypal accounts be backed by a credit card.

Under the Woot FAQ:
What payment options do I have?
You can pay for your orders using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Paypal accounts that are tied to a credit card. (Our fast-paced, annoying business model doesn't leave time to wait for your bank to confirm your account balance.) We do not accept checks, money orders, uncut gemstones, or broken promises

Nothing stops you from paying with a debit card (not using Paypal) though. Or if that doesn't work, perhaps you can use a reloadable debit card.