questionswhat's the best guitar solo of all time?


David Gilmour on Comfortably Numb or Dogs. Those are both transcendental experiences for me. No matter what my mood, what my situation, listening to those two songs erases everything in the world but that music.


You could probably list every single Hendrix song as a contender.

Brian May for Bohemian Rhapsody has to be #1 for me.
Tom Morello for Killing in the Name. Generally every Tom Morello solo is unique like Bulls on Parade, Bullet in the Head or Sleep Now in the Fire, but the solo in Killing in the Name really stands out.

This question reminded me of this video:


I was thinking of "Layla" and "Working Man" when I read this.


Cult of Personality (Vernon Reid with Living Color)

I'm also a big Nuno Bettancourt fan. Lastly, there was this Canadian band popular in the 80s called Honeymoon Suite. They had a guy named Derry Grehan that I always liked.


Quizas, Quizas, Quizas by Bob Bain


Frank Zappa's Watermelon In Easter Hay.


Found this question and gotta post...

Dire Straits - Local Hero/Wild Theme: LIVE

It's very difficult to find that exact version. I was able to find it on Spotify after almost a year of searching because I didn't know the name. I knew it was Dire Straits and that was it. It's not fast - pretty mellow, but I haven't found a person yet who doesn't like it.


Duane Allman most anything from Live at the Fillmore.