questionswhy are so many refurbed dysons available?


Never noticed this before. Good point/ question!

Also lol @ Dysons being the Apple of vacuums


An item returned to the manufacturer = it's on its way to being a refurb. Its condition could be anywhere between "I just opened the box but realized it's not worth it" to "damn thing exploded when I vacuumed up a full cat litter box".

If an item sells a lot, expect that there will be more returns too, hence more making it back out into the refurb market.


@narfcake: I understand how they become refurbs, I just never see Eureka, Oreck, Hoover, Kirby, Electrolux, Bosch, Bissel or Miele represented here.

I believe Dyson is the Market Leader in the US so I would expect more - just not all, or all of the time.


@dleffert: I consider Dyson to be the "IT" vacuum (in the same way as Apple is to electronics) and I think a refurbished Dyson is more likely to sell (at a higher price tag) than a refurb from one of the other brands you mentioned. I doubt the quantity/exclusivity has anything to do with quality of the product.


@dleffert: The truly premium brands have their dealers to sell their refurbs through, and the mass market brands tend to end up at the discount retail stores (Big Lots, etc.) instead.


Because they suck!

See what I did there?


Miele -- the best, but expensive.


From my experience, they do great if you don't use them too much. They can't handle any heavy use whatsoever, though. I've personally broken 3 of them through daily use.


@jimmyd103: Apple is definitely an "IT" to electronics, but adding an SH greatly increases accuracy of the statement


It's also amazing what some people think they can do with these.
Hey! It don't have a bag, so- I'll pick up the spilled wine, the scattered food, tinsel, and finally clean the garage floor!
Hey! POS don't work anymore!
Brought to you by the guy behind the girl in line.


In a previous discussion of this topic, a pretty good point was presented:

Scenario 1 - Purchaser gets home, realizes they paid ~$500 for a vacuum, freaks out, returns it.

Scenario 2 - Purchaser's spouse gets home, realizes their SO just paid ~$500 for a vacuum, freaks out, returns it.

My own personal experience with Dyson (specifically Dysons purchased from woot!) involves my sister buying one about 5 years ago and my nephews treating it like a couple of teenagers that don't want to do housework. It finally developed some problems about 8 months ago. I took it to the closest repair place (about 40 minutes away, but along the route of a trip I take regularly) and them fixing it free of charge. About 6 months ago I purchased my own from woot! and have loved it.


They have a 5 year warranty that they actually honor.


I bought mine 4 years ago, a refurb here on Woot, and it has run flawlessly since then, no issues or complaints.