questionswhere is the best place to sell gift cards…


I've sold a few giftcards on craig's list without any hassle. I'm curious about websites that buy them though, let us know how it works out for you.


@portezbie: It's pretty big business...they actually had commercials on for quite a while for one of 'em (I'm thinking Plastic Jungle)..

But yeah, I'll definitely let you know - I was just waiting, hopin' some Wooters may have experience with 'em. Gonna just have to take a stab at it though and hope I get it right heh..


I don't have any experience with that company, but I did just sell a $25 Gamestop gift card to for $18.11. I didn't even have to mail the card in.

The transaction was smooth.


Sorry, know nothing about selling gift cards.

But speaking of selling gift cards... I so wish & all the other woots (minus deals.woot) would sell gift cards...for their own site(s). Like Amazon does. Would make a WONDERFUL gift. Also, it would be nice to buy them for yourself. I keep one on Amazon for Kindle books.

Think about giving someone a gift card for - they could choose the wine they prefer. Ditto, and


@gmwhit: You could just get them a Visa gift card and say "Happy [insert celebratory occasion here]! I think you would enjoy using this one at this really great website I could be wrong but if I am at least you can use this elsewhere. But lets face it I know you and your love of good wine so trust me on this one ;-) "

I did it for a friend for shirt.woot. They didnt end up using the card there but they did end up buying a few shirts later on. They really liked the idea that i was thinking of a place they would actually like instead of just tossing random money their way.


@angelbabi523: Great idea, though I think I'd like to have woot gift cards to give and use myself. Especially a good gift for someone you know that woots. Seems woot would see how it could benefit them, too. Captive audience. I like cheap <---- er, make that inexpensive, good deals on wine. ;-)


I've sold a bunch on ebay, you always seems to get pretty close to the face value


@hackman2007: Hey how long did it take for the money to get into your bank account? (assuming you did the PP option)..

I've never really done a PayPal deposit like that like a waiting period or is it within minutes?


@drchops: I just took the Amazon giftcard, but it took about 24 hours. Probably less because I did it at night.


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Now a days there are quite a few gift card exchanges that buy and sell discount gift cards. I would look at gift card aggregator sites like to find the best cash offer for your gift cards.

Direct link to their sell gift cards page -