questionswhat is a square trade warranty, and how does it…


I'll just add that refurbished items (this is woot, after all) are not usually covered for accident or damage -- although they will cover them like a 'normal' warranty.

Call them if you have questions before you buy. They're good about answering them honestly and fairly.


They are easy to deal with during sign up. Warranty on my new Toshiba satellite A - series laptop was about $100 and includes accidental damage. We have them on a few refurb items as well. Repairs are covered up to the original purchase price of the item. If you fry the entire thing in one shot, they just mail you a check. If you blow parts piece by piece, they will cover you until you hit the purchase price.
As of yet have not had a need to use the coverage. Prices are reasonable and you can usually find a coupon somewhere that will save enough cash to make finding said coupon worth it.