questionsis anyone else just sick of the dvd/blu-ray deals?


I like least we don't have VHS deals. :)


+1 for the word kerfuffle. Funny. :-D Other than


As long as they are really deals, I like them. I have purchased several that were listed here.


That's why we have find and post those deals.


Nope. Bought a couple of Blu Rays for Christmas gifts, now I have to load them up with something to watch.

Not to mention, we live out here in the sticks. You know, no cell phone service, no broadband. So the streaming thing doesn't work for us, we need the physical media.


I don't mind at all, as long as its a good deal.
also, I agree with everything @sstaylor just said.


I've seen too many tech companies come and go to trust my data to "the cloud". That physical dvd or blu-ray disc (or dead-tree book) is going to sit on my shelf forever, and I'll always be able to play it, even if I have to go to Goodwill to buy a player.