questionswill you accept my challenge?


can't accept the challenge because i have nothing that is not already expired. only have one active deal listed and it was posted yesterday.

i want to add to your challenge. go to the may thru july of 2010 and tattle 10 deals from there. i'll even make it easy for you. here is a link to the active deals from that time frame:


I haven't posted a deal in a long time so my history is clear. Sometimes doing no work is the best policy of all.


I accepted and completed the challenge before you even asked us!


I too have been good at expiring my deals; it's a part of being a responsible Wooter.


Did this a few days ago but I see that I've fallen behind again. Tried to delete everything to within a month of posting, at least, but my intentions are better than my follow-through.

If any wootstaff is reading this, it would make things oh-so-very-nice if we could click through a bunch of deals and select "expire" for a batch effort. But maybe I'm just lazy. Must be the fever.


I had a couple from Halloween that had escaped me but otherwise mine were already expired.


The fact that I have open deals that are no longer valid does not keep me up at night.
I got other $h1t to worry about.


Unfortunately many of the people that are going to read this question are pretty up to date on expiring their deals. Mostly the ones who do not participate in ask the community needing to do the cleaning, but every bit helps.


That face, I can't stop laughing!!


I won't expire some deals. I usually embed an end date in my deals, then use that suspense date to weed out ones that need to die. I also try to check ones that might sell out. That is just good Deals management.

BUT ... if the deal is still ~LIVE~ and valuable, I won't expire it until one of those conditions are no longer true. I have two deals that are current and will continue you be useful until about September 15th. I will expire them then.


I already expired all of my old deals!


I already expire mine on a timely basis...nice reminder though.


@tpscan: I did it that way for a long time. I tried to leave up deals that were still out there until another Wootizen pointed out to me that no one really sees old deals for the most part. I know people can search for a tag that could lead them to an old deal, but I think they would still see a deal that met their criteria, and if it looks like something they want, they can check it out anyway.

My point, and I did have one when I started, is that I finally decided to just expire my deals that are over one month old without trying to double check them. Hopefully this works for everyone.


I expired the one deal I've posted.


I notice most of the people in this thread are very active on Deals, they know a lot about how it works. You might consider those 5-10% most active on Deals as leaders. Perhaps we should stand the question on its head??

Instead of expiring deals ~just~ because they are more than a couple weeks old sort of defeats the idea of the Deals archive. Active deals either need to have a "REFRESH" button to move them back up OR we need to teach other users to search for deals more often. Why keep reposting a deal, making member re-evaluate time after time.

The "search" function is underused. Let's see if we can't promote that function in posts so that more people utilize it.

One other thing, I do try to comment in my older deals, advising people it is still active and when in might expire. If it draws comments it becomes more visible. Just a thought.


@tpscan: Not a bad idea. The "refresh" button would be good, if it were used responsibly (Lord! I sound like a commercial!)

I used to spend a lot of time checking the status of some of my older deals and, like you, adding a comment that said "Deal still active as of mm/dd/yy," but I have to admit that it just got to be easier to expire them. If it was truly an incredible deal, I occasionally reposted it, but most sites seem to repost great deals on their own site and I would just post them over here again when they did.

As many people have suggested in the past, I wish DW would include an option whereby we could enter an expiration date when posting a deal and allow it to auto-expire on that date. If I post a deal that says "this offer good through mm/dd/yy" I try to note it, but it would be helpful if it I set it to expire on that date with no effort on my part.