questionswhy was my post for indie royale christmas bundle…


The official policy is that deals need to be a set price for a set product, so the pay what you want bundles aren't permitted.

It's silly, but it's their site and their unwritten rules. There's a user-created list of some of the rules floating around somewhere that can explain it better.


@samstag: If that was the case - then why are there past Indie Royale bundles on the site, and several Humble Bundles that stayed up for the entire duration. Just thought if that was the policy, it would be enforced consistently, and if it was so contentious that the moderators here would go out of their way to make the policy known. I got no notification of the deletion or anything, and figured there would be something to indicate a reason ".

Regardless, thanks very much for your reply - happy holidays.


I always found those bundles here too.....I am glad you posted the question though, so I know there's a new one.....


@benjitk: Moderation is a little spotty and even arbitrary at times, and moderators definitely don't "go out of their way to make the policy known".

The only written rules are the ones one of the users here put together after a lot of questions like this one. Basically it's the result of people asking why deals/questions were deleted and then interpreting the mod response to come up with basic guidelines for what's acceptable.

@zuiquan posted that list, but there may be more rules that aren't on it.


Despite being reported at least twice for it (Sorry CBD), the pay what you want expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity ( was never removed, and only RIP-ed after it sold out.

So, the unfortunate typical arbitrary "rules" enforcement goes on and on.


@samstag: Seems like the system could use an overhaul then, nothing that opaque can be efficient or fair. Just my two cents, not trying to tick off any of the mods.