questionsis halo: combat evolved worth the money ?


I agree but the problem is I need to get the kid a haloween costume and the other kid a bike for her birthday. Put that all together with the game and I am 20 bucks short of the 100 I have to spend. Should I make my game a priority ?


@djbowman: I'm not sure why you think children are a priority over video games.


Heck yeah it's worth it. I'm a sucker for older games that I played as a kid. I still have a lot of the old games I used to play, like Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man X, and others, even though I no longer have any old systems. I keep living under some delusion that I'll find an old system in mint condition for cheap and then I'll be able to play all my old games again. While that may never happen, I still think that as long as they kept the game somewhat close to the original, then it'll still be great. Plus, now you can play it online, something you weren't able to do when the original came out, so that's always cool.


There have already been ample opportunities to get this for cheaper than $40. Also, Amazon is still offering a $10 credit with it and $1 release date shipping.

Here's what you need to ask yourself,
1) Would you play it right away?
2) Do you care about the bonus dlc?
3) Are you a graphics whore?

If you answered "no" to those questions, you can wait for it to go on sale. It WILL happen. It may even go below $29.99! The holidays are right around the corner. Just saying, you do have options if money is tight.

On the other hand, I plan on getting it day one.

Mini-rant: What ever happened to making a Halloween costume? ...and a bike? Get her a bus pass (or more realistically... a cheaper bike).


I'd say take care of the kids, especially since you've already played through the original version. It's not like the game's going anywhere, right? You might even decide to play through the original again, then see if it still feels important to get the graphics-updated version of the game.


Kids are a mostly non-renewable resource after a while...they should get priority. You could wait until the game gets cheaper, because it will. Anyway, you have already played the much better could it get with HD?


Just so you know the new/old Halo Combat Evolved is going to be remade into the reach graphics so it's not going to be like the original at all just reach with the old school maps.. they are really playing it off like they created something big.... I'm not buying it because i didn't like reach as much as i did Halo2, that's why i switched to Battlefield and i can't wait for the new one comming out in like 28 days or so.. if you havent herd of it or watched any thing on the game you might want too. Battlefield3 is the way to go..