questionsdoes anyone have any crazy neighbor stories?


I used to have a neighbor name Cheryl. She lived on the road behind us and a few houses up as well. She was totally crazy. She would talk to herself, heckle strangers, barge in on get-togethers, and be just out-right rude. One day, I had a few friends helping me put a new roof on my house. She decided it was the perfect opportunity to start talking to us like we were in some sort of game-show. She (And I swear I'm not making this up) invited all of "single people" to come watch a free dic*-$ucking show. I was horrified. Luckily my friends picked up on her being crazy and just laughed it off. Fortunately for us (because her behavior was starting to get worrisome), the IRS took her house because of back-taxes and we never heard from her again, but that was the most stressful 2 years of home ownership for us.

As funny as the stories are, it was terrifying. She would make accusations that we kidnapped her children. People like that just need to be put into an institution.


My parents were having a family get together (at our house in the country), when all of a sudden we see a car fly by on our road and two cops flying after it. The car turns into our neighbor's house and the cops pull in after him. It turned out to be our neighbor's grandson, haha. I never did see how the whole thing turned out though...

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We have a neighbor, I'm guessing she's in her 80's, who walks up and down the street all day with her cane. She wears a big, fluffy robe in the winter (usually leopard or pink) and a nightgown when it's warm outside. She also thinks she knows me from when I was a child (we've only lived here 8 years) and always says what a good looking young lady I've grown up to be. I heard her knock on a neighbor's door one day and ask for ice cream. We had some friends over and were sitting in the front yard...she brought us all crocheted pot holders.
She lives alone and her son visits often but she seems to be slipping off the edge and it's pretty clear she's very lonely.

We have other neighbors with a pot farm in the back yard but that's a different story.


No, but @matthalbig does. I wonder whatever happened with that story...

Edit: Actually one time, a neighbor down the street swerved to avoid hitting someone who ran a stop sign and crashed into my car parked in the street. I was inside and heard it happen so I went to the door to see him speeding off, so I chased him down barefoot in my pjs to get his license number (I didn't know he was a neighbor) He evetually came back and said he was trying to chase down the guy who ran the stop sign. I'm not so sure I believe him, haha.


I don't know if it counts as "crazy" but due to drunken carelessness my neighbors set my yard on fire.


In one week.

Luckily I was home both times so managed to keep it from burning my house down. They are great people but they stay drunk and get pretty careless when they do.


The neighbor that lived behind me used to leave me notes on my front door while I was at work complaining about my one and only tree in my back yard that produces nuts. They would fall on the roof of their shed (think metal 8x10) and make a noise that sounded like a shotgun. I had tree trimmers come in and trim the branches that were close to the property line but that wasn't good enough so she took me to court. She sued me for the cost of her shed (which was about 8 years old) because the nuts that fell on it dented the roof and she wanted compensated. The Judge all but called the woman crazy (she showed up in court with nothing but one of the nuts) and ruled in my favor. Her and her husband moved out this year and new people moved in. The nuts will start falling again soon, can't wait to see how the new neighbors react.


No crazy neighbor stories but plenty of my neighbor is a complete and utter jerkface who should suffer a long slow and painful death. Want to hear some of those?


You mean meth-lab crazy, probably-meth-abusing-gang crazy, just-plain-odd crazy, or drives-me-crazy crazy? I live in Tucson, so I can check all those.


not so much crazy, but odd.. the neighbors across the street from my house are ALWAYS on the porch.. no matter what time of day... I wake up early to do errands, they are on the porch.. I go to work, they are on the porch.. I get home from work, they are on the porch, I call off sick one day and every 30min or so look out the window..... you guessed it!!! they are on the porch..

I have to wonder if the inside of their house is just truly unpleasant.. or if they really like looking at the sidewalk, street, sidewalk and my house. Very odd indeed.

(I would quote Clerks II but I don't want my post deleted =/)


A few weeks ago some kids around the block decided to park their truck in our yard since there was too much fence around their tires for them to just leave. They left with out the truck and I got to stay up all night while the cops got it towed away.


My crazy neighbor liked to spray our plants with roundup or would reach through the fence with clippers and cut plants down. My husband was inside and saw a plant shaking and then disappear. He went outside and saw an other plant shake and then get pulled through the fence. As he said what the ** are you doing and looked through the fence all he saw was a big lilac ass backing out of the bushes. She would also pour glue on cars that parked in front of her house. We finally had the police come and talk to her- she had a heart attack and died about a month later. The neighborhood rejoiced.


I think that my family was the crazy neighbors.


@capguncowboy: OK, you win, so far. Do you have her on facebook? :)


@jsimsace: You're just interested in the free shows... ?


These stories remind me of the plot in Desparate Housewives. Most neighbours which seems just normal live in duplicity everyday.


crazy no, odd yes -
years ago had a neighbor who would clean her entire car with windex each time she drove it.


@capguncowboy: I thought it was "free bl@ws". My bad. :)


Well, I don't have any crazy neighbor stories because I'm probably that crazy neighbor being questioned there.


One evening I was watching tv at around 10pm and someone started pounding on our door. I looked through the peephole and saw my next door neighbor standing on our porch so I opened the door.

He appeared drunk and was standing there wearing what appeared to be a blood-stained white t-shirt and was holding an empty cardboard box. He growled, "Go getchou a pair of sturdy leather work gloves, a flashlight and a shovel and meet me in the back yard."

I said "Honey, the neighbor wants you." I had no intention of going out there but then my curiosity got the best of me.
He said he was out in his yard having a smoke when all the sudden his dog started going crazy in the yard. He went down to investigate and the dog was jumping and barking at a possum that was sitting on the fence. The possum was hissing and snapping back at the dog. The neighbor said he spent too much money on his critters to have them torn up by a possum. continued below


So he grabbed a branch and clobbered the poor possum who fell into my yard. Then he goes back into his house and 30 minutes later he comes back out for another smoke. Then he sees a possum on his fence, thinking it was the same one that had just been playing dead when he hit it, he decided to finish it off once and for all so he got a fireplace poker and clobbered it. That's when he finally realized that it was a different possum and that I now had two dead possums in my yard. I guess he felt guilty at that point and wanted to get them out of my yard. He's a little odd...

Another time I came home from work only to find the old lady who lives across the street trudging up the road dragging a microwave oven like some kind of radioactive dog.

I seriously need to record some of the things that go on in my neighborhood. ;)


I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm the crazy one that sustains on woot packages.


I've lived in NYC 20+ years and have a more than a few. One of my favorites was my upstairs neighbor who was a model and big time party girl. One night she has a big fight with her boyfriend (famous comedian) and when he leaves the apartment she storms out after him. Unfortunately for her she forgot her keys as well as a shirt and gets locked out of the building. My light was on so she buzzes my apartment and when I look out the window to see who it is she is standing there topless. I buzzed her in and of course went out in the hall to see if everything was OK. "They" were more than OK.

I know of a guy who sleeps in a fancy coffin bed.

I know of a woman with a pet Wallaby in a city apartment.

I know a woman who thinks people from the neighboring bar are sneaking into her apartment when she isn't home and rearranging her furniture. She knows this because they slowly damage her lampshade every time so it looks like natural aging.