questionswoot why are you not as cool as you used to be?


because the world is becoming too soft about their feelings and everyone gets hurt about what other people think of them


Sounds like everyone I know after getting married and turning 30.

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep


what jackcrosby said, and, as time has gone on, more and more people have joined in,with no restrictions to joining (they don't check your cool card @ the door when you sign up) and that will inherently increase your douche-bag quotient in ANY group dynamic.


I'm telling Mom that you're being mean to me!


they now have Amazonian expectations to be held accoutable to.


@thunderthighs: But....I thought you were the mom here. Are you my mummy?


@thunderthighs: You have been around for a while thunderthighs. Can you really say things now are better than they were back when people would post some hilarious pictures in woot off and say same weird things? lol. I still wonder what you look like when i read your name. Did you choose it? You have been wonderful and i don't mean to dis on you but i just feel things have changed.


@jsimsace: I've been pretty darn lethargic today but I don't think I've turned into a mummy yet.

@icemanforlife: Woot-offs are defiintely more tame but that's been a general trend for quite a few years. We have people that move on from woot and others that just join. Some of that community fun slowed down as well. I know during the evening hours, I'm trying to get people to post weird stuff and I post some myself. It's funny when you get the one or two people that complain about it and just want talk about the product. LOL

The censoring (as you call it) hasn't changed any in my view. There are certain deals we can't allow (e.g. guns, ammo) but for the most part, I'm still deleting/editing the same stuff: profanity, personal attacks, inappropriate pics/posts, etc.


@thunderthighs: When woot was bought out by amazon did they lay out certain ground rules dictating how things are governed? For example what is ok and not ok, or were you able to stay unchanged on how your site is governed?


@icemanforlife: I received no new rules nor was I told any by management. We kept telling you guys that.


@thunderthighs: Ty. I will quit beating a dead horse then. Thanks for your patience and keeping your cool.


@whatsamattau: Heck yes. I need entertainment, especially during woot-offs. In June's (or was it May?), I taught the overnight crowd how to make meme pictures and how to post them. LOL. Been getting some good ones since too.

We do try to keep the regular daily product threads focused on the product at hand but there's some on-topic weirdness that gets by.


@thunderthighs: So, when I've posted the Manilow video for Mandy, the John Travolta video about being confused, the "Is anybody out there" horse video, etc., you didn't mind then?


@thunderthighs: It was during May cause it was the first woot-off I fully participated in.

Still have some too...


@whatsamattau: Nope because you always post other very useful info in your posts. It's kinda that gray "on topic" area. I wouldn't want to see the goofy posts outnumber the people trying to discuss the product, of course. As I mentioned, on the Daily products, we do try to keep it a bit on topic.

I'll still kill all the "will it work with my mac" posts unless it's actually relevant. Hate those things.


@ icemanforlife ,

Your mistake is believing that this is indeed, still woot, when in fact, woot died in the great amazon buyout.

Not woot, its amazon part deux


Part of this is dilution. Back in the day there was one site (Woot). Even fairly recently there was Woot, Sellout, and Wine. There wasn't much discussion on Sellout, and Wine had (and still has) it's own dynamic and it's own following. Now we have main, tech, home, sport, kids, and shirt. And deals and local. With so much going on it's hard to get critical mass for a good community.


Well, I've saved a bundle since the change because I hated it. Woot was my home page.

And now with TAX jammed down my throat, I very rarely buy anything on the web...If I'm paying tax I would rather walk into a local store and pick it up right now. Then also is the major benefit that if something is wrong I just return it to the store. I don't have to wait for Fed-Ex to show up either.

The above also applies to the Amazon site, I go there to read reviews and then buy locally.