questionshas sellout.woot forgotten who it is?


HEY EVERYBODY I just realized... I actually got that story about why it's called "Sellout Woot" from an interview video with a Woot staff member (I now can't remember who it was... sorry!) and not from the FAQ. I can't actually remember how the FAQ used to describe it. The point still stands that Sellout's current explanation is contrary to that information, but it's not quite as blatant a change as I was thinking.


Sellout used to be a partnership with Yahoo. It is a pretty punny name (selling out to Yahoo, selling out of goods, giving up on Woot's core tactic.)

In my time with Woot it has traditionally been used to list goods after the initial woot listing (leftover inventory), and goods that woot had less stock of or didn't expect to sell as well.

As for the explanations they're there for entertainment. Sure there's some truth to them, but I wouldn't expect encyclopedic accuracy or anything like canon.


@morriea: Yup, I remember those days. Yahoo. See how that worked out, eh?


@morriea: Yes. Sellout was initially a partnership with Yahoo Shopping.

I found this capture of the screen you used to see when you clicked on the item link:


I noticed this too. Thought it was funny how they've changed the meaning of it now. It's always seemed to simply be a "Woot 2" and not some sort of closeout thing (well, any more so than Woot is a closeout thing...)


Does it know it's Sellout.Woot? Jeez....


I still remember the Yahoo days; it wasn't that long ago.


@tsfisch: Precisely! I mean, I suppose they're going in a new direction with it and want to reflect that. Which is cool, but I don't know... I like knowing the history of things, you know?

And yeah, I remember the good ol' Yahoo days. I do appreciate being able to immediately access Sellout now.


Sellout was indeed created out of a partnership with Yahoo. It was Woot "selling out to the man". Thus sellout.

When that partnership expired, Woot used the site to sell items that had either a limited interest or quantities such that they would not be a good candidate for one of the daily sites.

That's pretty much where it is today.