questionswhere can i find a 3t or 4t boys orange button up…



There must be someone you know that can take a long sleeve shirt and make it a short sleeve shirt. Snip snip, sew sew, problem solved.


@rprebel: I thought of that. I think my sister is just hoping to find it in short sleeve so she doesnt have to do that. I think short sleeve shirts have wider sleeves though so that would be the only difference.


I think you'll be fine with have a long sleeve shirt tailored. I do have another suggestion you might want to consider: why not white shirt with either an orange or purple vest? I found quite a few while wandering around google for you. With a vest, you'll have the little guy still wearing one of the wedding party them colors. Of course, this will only work if your heart's desire isn't wrapped around the axle of having the matchy-matchy element of wedding colors.
Have a wonderful life together!


Hmm.. Can't find anything either. :-/ If all else fails, get a white shirt and dye it the color you want! Rit fabric dye has a page that shows you how to blend colors and get the exact shade you are looking for.


They have the shirts here, but not in your size. You could see if they can get them.


Orange and purple?

Congrats on the wedding. Sounds like it'll be a nice time.