questionsshould i go active or passive 3d?


I'd go with passive. A few reasons would be:
1: The glasses don't need to recharge.
2: Last time I checked, the passive glasses are cheaper.
3: AFAIK, Active shutter glasses only work with the same brand of TV, So you can't take your Sony glasses over to your friend's house that has an LG set and use them.


@woadwarrior: Is the viewing area better with either of them ie if I sit slightly to the side, will one have a better picture or do I need to be straight on with both of the options?


@woadwarrior: 4. Active glasses darken the scene if you tilt your head.
5. They're lighter, since they don't need circuits or batteries.

I have both active and passive and the passive is much better, not to mention cheaper. And I was even able to buy a cheap set of passive clip-ons to wear over eyeglasses.


@samstag: Didn't know there were clip-ons available. That's nice to know since I wear glasses.


I forgot one thing before. The active shutter type can have a slight flicker to it which can be distracting.


@woadwarrior: The clip-ons I have seem to be discontinued, but here's a similar pair for under $10.


I'll argue for the active glasses. The passive will max at 720 (more or less). To see the full 1080 you need active. I've never noticed any particularly flickering, and the batteries weren't a big deal. However, I'm kind of picky about both audio and video quality, so if you don't, then maybe you will be happy with 720.


a) Do you have kids.
i)if yes, do they loose/break things frequently
ii) if no, do you frequently "misplace" things.
b) are you good @ remembering to charge devices
applying just those questions to myself,
for the record:
ii)dear god yes- spent an hour trying to find my watch the other day
b)no, i try to but- Ohh! something Shiny!
i would buy a Passive set were i to buy a 3d set anytime soon.

also, as others have said, the passive glasses are WAY cheaper. (They give 'em to ya for free @ the movie theater! (if they use the Real D 3D system - the ones that look like the classic "nerd glasses", sans white tape.) then when you come out of the theater there's a big blue box full of em people have left behind to recycle.)


Another vote from here for passive.