questionswhat do you think of my new coffee mug?


Good job. Will you be mass producing to earn woot cash?


Please DO think about making this available for the rest of us. I don't know what body part you'll have to sacrifice to the Woot Gods for licensing, but I would definitely buy one. Maybe two!


Nice! And, the way things are headed around here, the closest you'll get to a BoC ever again!

But, seriously, good work!


See that black car with tinted windows parked across the street from you?

HINT: It's not Charlie Sheen.

Nice mug! :)


watch out for the Amazon police.....


I duunnnnooo guys, the mug doesn't say anything about Woot. Maybe the "Bag of Crap" phrase could be trouble, but not sure if Woot has TM that.


Ha, I love the "F5"s all over it.


That's wonderful! Can you make 2 million by lunchtime? If so, I can put you in touch with one of our buyers...


Awesome! I'd buy that!

Great job on the the design!


Thanks for the kind words everyone! I did try to avoid any direct infringement on good ol Woot, but I obviously pulled as much as possible into the design.

I'll put up a link where those who are interested can purchase one later today (woot gods permitting). It's impossible to match woot prices, so unless you can convince woot to handle your orders directly, expect to pay a bit more, sorry. :(


I'm responding so I get notified when you post a purchase link. this is great - nice job @tracergod!


Very clever, wondering how well it will fly... Also, whats the cost for such a mug? Great job!


Totally awesome - I love it :) Nice work!


Wow. I would totally buy this.

For version 2.0, would you consider making the question mark on the bag and all of the words temperature-reactive so they would fade in or out based on the heat (or lack of) of the cup?

Again, that's totally awesome.


Awesome! I would love that design on a tumbler, or pint glass as well. But coffee mug is pretty dang cool.