questionscan you recommend any good kid-friendly tablets…


Don't be scared of rooting, it really isn't that bad. Plus, you do NOT have to root to have a usable device. Example being the Nook Color. You create a special SD card for it, and it runs Android (CyanogenMod 7) from the card, never actually touching the internal memory. Remove the card, stock Nook Color again. Get a good Sandisk card for it (don't bother with anything else) and you will forget you are running from a memory card. (Actual prices are North of that...)

Look at some of the newer Android tablets that are out, and I think a couple that are incoming shortly. (I think it was a Lenovo I was reading about.) Some tablet makers took notice of HP's "success" with the fire sale, and realized that $100 is much closer to a good target price to get people interested.

Gamestop is coming out with an Android tablet at some point, that one is geared towards games, though I don't know if the games would be most appropriate. Amazon is also releasing one at some point soon.


@apfrehm: Thanks, I heard about the Amazon tablet and thought it might be an option, depending on its specs. Didn't know about Gamestop's though. I'll keep an eye out for it.


Both my 10 year old and 5 year old have no problem with my Xoom, picked up a HP Touchpad for the 10 year old's bday. They both took to that one easy enough as well.


I like the Etch-a-Sketch. You can find one used for under $10, the screen will not shatter, liquids (milk, drool, grape juice) will not affect the operations of the unit, theft is never an issue, the battery life is infinity + 1, no expensive or invading apps to buy, no damage will be suffered if the child attempts to eat any part(s) of said unit, the operating system can easily be reset at will or by the occasional pothole, and the best feature of them all.................You will never have to worry about having to upgrade to Etch-a-Sketch 2!!


Maybe I'm the minority, but does a 6 year old really need a tablet?! I'm not going to criticize your parenting as I'm not a parent myself, but it just seems excessive. I didn't have a laptop until college or a cellphone until 9th grade. It just doesn't seem like a 6 year old could really use a tablet to the full extent that they are designed for. Awfully expensive toy.


@nate800: My first "cell phone" was a case phone, one of those that had a huge base station and a phone with a cord. I had this once I had a vehicle in high school. One reason I didn't have a "normal" cell phone as we know them today was cost. It was prohibitive, and I got a hand-me-down from one of my parents, in case there was car trouble.

I get the whole "When I was their age" nostalgia thing, and yes, we managed alright without all the new shiny technology that did not exist at that point, or that existed but was deemed excessive: Calculators used to be a big luxury. Not any more.

But the world is changing, and eventually kids will likely be hauling a tablet / ereader to school instead of a heavy sack of books. I'm not annoyed, maybe a little jealous.

Some kindergartners in a school district in Maine were issued iPads by the school district. That may be excessive in that it was by the school district, but a cheaper tablet wouldn't be all that crazy for elementary age kids.


@nate800: I don't think you do, at least not entirely. An iPad is an expensive, high-end tablet. It is an amazing piece of kit, but it is overkill for a five year old. I personally find it irresponsible for a school district to spend that much money on what will likely be little more than a novelty. Even for high school age kids, unless Apple is subsidizing things a bit, that seems like a bit much. At that point, my mind starts going to places like "How can they spend that on five year olds when there are plenty who need their school BUILDINGS repaired?" But that's unfortunately a separate issue.

Now, on the other hand, a $120 Kindle to replace all of your HS English text books, that makes good sense. Maybe even a $250 Nook Color. Basically, once the kid can read consistently, once the kid has textbooks, then a tablet is not a bad idea. (At least not in my mind.) Not an iPad, mind you, but a more reasonably priced tablet.


I just purchased the Nabi Tablet, which runs on Android for my 7 yr old. They can be found @Toys R Us and really are amazing. It is a tablet for kids but also has "mommy mode" and becomes an adult fully operational tablet! Very cool. I also wanted to chime in regarding the opinions of those that don't agree with a kid having a tablet. While I don't agree with buying an expensive Ipad I do believe there are plenty of options. Children now a days are exposed to our devices, smart phones ECT and in many cases work them better than us. On my son's tablet he can read books, color, create books, do math and when u compare that to a Nintendo Ds its a much better educational experience. Also everything in moderation...its not for him to be glued all day either. He still has to be a kid and ride his bike outside ;) oh and the price for the Nabi is $199 but I got it on sale for $167...hope this helps!