questionswhat type of deals/promotions really reel you in?


Apparently the chance to win cash money and prizes gets me. I would never order a Big Mac if not for the chance to win a million bucks. I also play the lottery and buy bags of crap, so I think that all goes hand in hand. I just like the idea of there being a chance (no matter how slight) that I'll win something great.


Free shipping always speaks to me.
I don't bother with percentage off deals until they hit 40% or better.
Buy one get one half off is NOT a deal.
Buy one get one FREE - maybe, depends on what it is and if I need two of them.
Gift with purchase (mostly in cosmetics) is hard to resist for me.


@bsmith1: Monopoly at McD's does bring out a weird side of me. There's a lot of fast food I'd like better. There's a lot of times I'd rather not have fast food. But Monopoly makes be ignore both. But woohoo! I've won a free breakfast sandwich and a free small frappe so far - neither are something I'd normally order at McDonald's when I do go. So why do I care?

Then again...McRib is worse.


Free shipping will always get me to look. 50% or more off will often get me to buy. But it mostly depends on what the item is. I am overjoyed to find a 20% off coupon for my local pet food store in my mailbox, because my pet food is quite expensive and I have to routinely buy it. But I throw away the 20% off Kohls coupons, it takes a 30% off coupon to get me in there as nothing they sell is necessary to my daily life.


@omnichad: So far, from instant win, we've won a breakfast sandwich, a couple med fries, a small frappe, and 40 coke reward points. Online we've won 40 coke points and a redbox rental. In a previous year I won a EA sports video game. Online prizes seem few and far between this year. I won coke points, snapfish photo prints, and crappy mp3 downloads left and right last year. With all the online entries, I'm sure I'll win the car this time, though!
Wife is trying to be the voice of reason and says we're eating Hamburger Helper tonight. We'll see, wife, we'll see...


I will buy it if I get Free Shipping and it is a discount from what I can get at a B&M store. For example, I went to buy a new tool from Home Depot, I found what I wanted but didn't want to pay that price. So I logged into Amazon, low and behold, 25 bucks cheaper, free shipping, lower tax


Gun stuff. Or something the wife is bothering me for. Free shipping helps too, but free shipping on junk is still junk.


Free shipping is a good start; there have been countless deals (and just regular purchases) I've gotten into a cart and then ditched because the shipping cost just killed the budgeted amount for me. Amazon Prime loses a ton of money on me.

A discount of 40% or greater will always catch my attention; if there's a chance I'll need the item, I'll buy it. By July or August I'm actively looking for holiday gift items.

BOGO offers grab me, especially if it's something I stock up on or can gift one. Buy one, got 1/2 off another only works for me if it's something I was planning to buy anyway. It falls into my "good timing" category rather than a "good deal" slot.

Low cost winter hats, socks, earmuffs, and gloves will usually get at least one purchase from me. We don't need them, but I throw them into a box for cold weather when my credit union participates in the "Mr. Rogers's Sweaters" collection of sweaters and warm things for our city's homeless population.


@magic cave: The way I see it, buy one get 1/2 off works out to 25% off each item - in the best case where both items are the same price. That's less than the 30-40% off that's required to catch my attention.


Oh, and the random offers to fill out a coupon to win something generally attract me. The Spouse and I came home from our honeymoon to find a humongous box on the screened porch: a huge, nice Weber grill! There was absolutely no indication of where it came from, and wedding gifts were already accounted for. I finally called the fulfillment company that had shipped it, and the friendly clerk was able to tell me they'd handled a drawing for a grill through Publix grocery stores. (The actual coupon had been filled out three months earlier, and I'd forgotten it completely.)

We're still using that grill 13 years later, and I fill out a lot of those little coupons now.


Anybody here old enough to remember the disastrous promotion McDonalds ran for the 1984 Summer Olympics? If you bought a large sandwich, fries or drink, there was a scratch off with the name of an Olympic event. If the US won gold (Big Mac), silver (fries) or (bronze (drink) in the event the customers won the associated food. 18 countries boycotted or otherwise failed to participate in those Olympic games, including Russia and East Germany. The US took 174 of the 442 medals awarded, and McDonald had to pay out literally tons of food. When you showed up to collect your free food they'd give you a new scratch off, so once you started wining you just kept winning. I don't much care for McDonalds, but I ate pretty much free all that summer. It's number 5 on this list of the five world marketing disasters in history.


I like the ones that are ridiculous ploys to catch new users. Like the $15 off $50 coupon for newegg via google wallet mobile payment. That was then coupled with a $15 rebate. It was a rather a good deal.
And I include shipping in my consideration of the cost, so your shipping best be reasonable (goHastings) or free if you want me to buy random crap.


@moondrake: Ouch. That is probably why the specific items you win now don't have tickets any on them. I usually save them up and use them after the monopoly promotion ends. (even though they only want you to use 1 freebie per order)


@moondrake: Do remember. Seems they did something like that the last Olympics or the one before because we had some of their coupons. That or someone else did the same promotion.


I hate free stuff with 7.95 shipping and handling
Also when sites sell stuff for cheap and then add S&H to EACH item (Tanga...)

I guess I don't like shipping and handling...


@spacezorro: I worked freelance for a few months for an online retailer. It was just me and the boss. I recommended that we switch to a free shipping policy and factor in the cost when pricing products. He disagreed, saying people would rather the product price be cheaper and would be OK with paying for shipping because "of course it costs money to ship something." We argued a bit and he put his foot down despite my years of experience with this sort of thing.

A month later, he went to a major eCommerce conference in Chicago and as soon as he came back he said "You know what, I think we should switch to free shipping. Apparently, consumers find that very attractive."

Needless to say, I quit a few weeks later.


I TRY to limit my purchases to things I at least kinda sorta need, but need is such a, well, relative term.

Free shipping definitely helps. During that brief and lovely period of time when you could invoke free shipping for the rest of the day after paying shipping for one item on Woot, I bought all sorts of things I would not otherwise have purchased just to take advantage of the free shipping.

Probably a good thing for me that they discontinued that practice.

Dang it!


Half off can be exciting, no free shipping puts up a roadblock I often don't bother going around and I don't like the 'we won't tell you the actual percentage discount until you do ___ ' trick.


Not really a deal, but something I need/really want is the number one criteria for me to even look.

At that point, something like >40% off will get me looking.


Shoes or something related to an activity I like like rock climbing or snowboarding stuff.


@shophde: I agree.

It has to be something I just can't live without to even be interested. Any store could offer me a 90% discount, but I would only buy if I needed it. I never pay retail, nor do I pay shipping except when I can find it cheaper with shipping than without (PPL).

I tend to focus on one thing for each of us at a time. Last year it was hiking clothes and climbing gear. This year it has been my RV and winter clothing for our trip north. Next it will be cameras (DH needs new) and gear for Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon trip.

As to %, BOGO, free with purchase, et al... 20% + on gear and 40% + on everything else, the free with purchase doesn't do anything for me, but the BOGO is great for shoes and groceries.


I'm a sucker for free samples. How can you get a better deal than free ? !


@ceagee: Me too! I have been known to sign up for free samples of stuff I have absolutely no need for - diapers, dog food - hey! It's FREE! I can pass it along to someone who does need it. I have no self control.


Free shipping, deals on electronics, home improvement, kitchen utensils, etc.