questionsanyone know of a good restaurant in nyc to takeā€¦


Try this:

Or this:

I have used Tripadvisor for finding new places to eat for the past few years when I take my yearly trip to Las Vegas. I trust the Tripadvisor community. Most places listed on Tripadvisor have a link to Open Table for reservations.

Open Table (the second link) is good for reservations. Select neighborhood, time, number of people and you get a list of restaurants available. There are 1574 restaurants in Manhattan to choose from.

Good Luck!


Indian Food restaurants usually have many vegetarian choices. Some can be very spicy. That might be a way to narrow it down.


Off the beaten path. I'm assuming you want romantic, and I'll give you off beat. Ferdinando's Foccacceria is on President St way out in old Brooklyn (so far out it isn't even hip). They serve food so southern (Italian/Sicilian) that you may as well be out in Greece for o. Relatively inexpensive, and the wine (or grappa) is only if the owner and his wife like you. If they do like you, they'll treat you like a prospective son in law (that they're trying to impress), and her like a blushing bride.

All of this with the Caveat that I've not been there in 10 years. For all I know, they've even got a liquor license now, and the area has become flooded with trendy folk. In the day (the restaurant is over 100 years old, the doors and floor are original), there was no one in this neighborhood but those that the locals approved of (the legend is that the Cosa Nostra was founded on the street).


Oh, and I know you said you wanted to stay in Manhattan, but Brooklyn is much cooler now anyway.

Try the Arancina and the coffee soda. Trust me, bubbele


TY for the responses guys. I'm going to look into Fernando's. I just tried their website and it's not working, a possible sign its closed? Also I did check out open table, but the problem is that there are TOO many options to go through! I'm trying to stay away from Indian as the GF is not a fan of ethnic food (I am so that sucks).

The reason I want to stay in NYC is because she leaves work at 7:30, to get to NYC we would be lucky to be there by 9 and brooklyn would be even further.


I haven taken my gf twice to Jane for VD. I think we will try and change it up a little this year, but it is a great place:

I don't know if you'll be able to get a reservation, but we recently went to, and were blown away by, Momofuku Ssam Bar.

a few more:

I recommend Jane though. They put up really nice decorations for VD and they have a lot of nice unique menu items. They make their own soda. They make amazing "toasted ricotta gnocchi". Amazing brussel sprouts (we stole their recipe to make at home). They also have this dessert I love, milk and cookies. Huge fresh baked cookies served with milk that has ice cream melted in it.

If you want more vegetarian options, I seem to remember boulud sud had a lot of vegetarian options and the food there also really impressed me.


Thanks again guys, I booked two different places 1. Jane, 2. Peasant. Jane is $55 prefix and has a decent menu, Peasant is no-prefix, full menu. I will decide as it gets closer which restaurant I'll land on, but both look good. Thanks once more.


If you choose Jane, I recommend trying the Gnocchi appetizer. They are famous for it. Also, get a side of their brussel sprouts, so good.

Have fun, either way!