questionswhat's your favorite thanksgiving tradition?


I like the family game of pickup football between turkey and dessert, but we're in too many places and not traveling this year. It's evolving into the pre New Year's Eve game of frisbee football.


Definitely watching football on TV with family and friends.


Falling asleep on the sofa after eating with the football game on the TV. Followed by waking up and going to pick at some leftovers.


The family that I do Thanksgiving with always has a time of singing, talking about what we're thankful for and prayer in between dinner and dessert. Depending on who's been invited (recent immigrants are often included) there's sometimes a little history of Thanksgiving given by grandmom who used to be a school teacher. It's always a neat time.

When I was in college, the family I did Thanksgiving with for a couple of years had a mandatory walk around the block between dinner and dessert. They lived in an area with large lots, so it was about a mile walk. Someone would usually bring a football or frisbee and we'd toss it around while we meandered. We also usually got a tour of the gardens, the back pasture or anything else that the Mom and Dad who hosted us had been working on. The year they got a new tractor they were excited to show that off to us all.


Thanksgiving Bingo!



"Real" Thanksgiving :p takes place in early October, eh, when the weather is more amenable to being outside. Precise activities vary by the year, but my uncle organizes a series of "contests" based (kinda) on "things the original settlers would have done." There's usually archery, hay-bale-tossing, sack races (because the Pilgrims would climb into burlap sacks to outrace the... I don't ask!), with categories for kids and adults, and he writes an overarching story to go with that year's activities, so one year we might be fighting a famine and another year celebrating the births of little ones. It's hilarious - nothing like everyone humiliating themselves together to get family laughing together.


Drinking Wild Turkey 101 and playing video games.
Adding the Texans game this year.