questionswho bought an amazon gift card? how many were…


bought one. so no chance to try to combine multiple on one account


I bought two (two different email accounts) but wasn't able to apply them both to one Amazon account.


I purchased two and so far have received just one. We will see if I get the other.


Got mine. I'm literally one in a million.


I purchased 4 at the start of the deal (right when it went live), and received all 4 confirmations


I got 1, as did my wife. It's not like they're going to go to waste.


Just got my second and applied to my account.


Aww man. I missed something that would have been awesome for me.
When I'm not on Woot, im on Amazon.


@wingnutzero: One in a million on a planet of 7 billion isn't that special it only means there are 7000 people just like you!


I got it 5 minutes after it went live :) and then I posted it on here :D and then I emailed all my close family, and then I posted it on facebook... and then i watched my gmail thread all the comments on the deal that people were writing.
It was fun making so many people happy by posting that deal!


@zeke7: I'm glad that you told us before family!
Yeah, thanks to you, I was reminded about an awesome deal! Plus, I was able to get a little nicer birthday present for my sister!