questionsanyone else have a smartpost shipped woot item…


Three out of the four BOC's I have purchased, look like someone sat on them and then tried to eat them for breakfast. But I think that's a requisite for a BOC. The one that was undamaged must have gotten someone fired.

Fortunately, everything else I've purchased has been delivered in pretty good shape.


Just an inch shorter? Even for the smallest woot box, that's only about a 16-20% reduction, if that.

I've had woot boxes come in with the entire side caved in, perhaps a 40% reduction. (No serious damage to the inner box, only to the bags of Texas air and the outer one.)

As for my Bins of Compost, all four have arrived in pristine condition. (I truly hope that this does not get anyone fired.)


My purchases have arrived pretty pristine and level, so no problem with me.


Being that the Smartpost shipments start out through FedEx and then get "handed off" to the USPS, I'd assume either the FedEx driver did it like this guy: or the USPS driver was angry they didn't get the package initially. Just my theory! ;->


I have never had a box come in damaged from woot. +175 woots here. I did get a few wrong items shipped but woot has been fast to fix :D Thanks woot!


The last item I bought from woot arrived in the worst shape I've seen. The box was small, had very apparently gotten soaking wet, and was rewrapped in maniacal fashion with a few hundred yards of packing tape. It was partially crushed and of the three small items inside (as I was in for three on that one), one had packaging that was badly warped, the other slightly damaged and one was fine. It was raining the day it was delivered, but my front porch is covered, so that's not where it got wet.

I was intending to keep one and gift two, so I just kept the wrecked one, and the product itself was undamaged. I might have complained to woot (not sure if they do anything in cases like that), but the items were fairly inexpensive and it worked out ok with me keeping the worst one, so I didn't.

I've also had packages ship just fine. My advice is to avoid ordering within 2-4 weeks of a rainstorm.


Last item I bought:

#1. Looked like a 2 year old taped the box shut.
#2. Looked like it had then been dropped in molasses. It had black gunk all over it and it was sticky. My first thought was that I may need rubber gloves to open the box cuz it looked like bio-hazard.
#3. It had been crammed, and I do mean crammed in my mailbox, but I guess that is a separate issue.


SmartPost bites. It takes forever, and like the comments before mine, my packages usually look pretty bad. That said, my 2 woots (such a broad experience!) have arrived undamaged.. but they were shirts, not Waterford champagne flutes.
Anytime I mailorder, I always pay the extra dollar or two for UPS. The USPS has been less than helpful when packages have disappeared, but when I've had package problems with UPS, if I can get the main office to connect me to my local sub-station, they've gone out of their way to help me. Of course the folks running my sub-station might just be unusually nice, and my post office might be unusually hostile.


Most of my packages arrive in good condition. But My first BOC had holes in it and was re-taped. I'm still convinced they scrounged through it.


My brothers Santa's Sac of Crap arrived today with a bottom side looking like it had been punched in and looked into. Side pressed in with the corner of the box torn a bit from where it was push/pulled on with the tape having been reapplied to the box in the same area.

I really wish that Woot would stop printing the item that is shipped on the label. The only boxes I have had issues with are BOC's which I honestly believe get looked into during shipping because it is known people have no idea what is inside before arrival.


I've always had good luck with getting my woot packages without any damage to the packing.

The only time I had an issue was one time the mailman delivered a woot shirt (the Wil Weaton's How we Roll) to the wrong address. Tracking was screwed up for a long time, where both Fedex and USPS didn't show it as shipping. It was almost a month before it actually showed as shipped. A couple weeks later, I found where it was delivered to, because a neighbor was wearing it. I talked to them, and they gave it to me, but at that point I wasn't interested because they had gotten bleach all over it. I kinda was SOL at that point, because I had the item, and all the records with the post office showed that it was marked as delivered (even though it was erroneously delivered to the wrong address), so they wouldn't do anything. It got reckoned before I found out what happened, so Woot didn't have any to send me, even if I wanted to buy another.