questionsshould the simpsons still be around after 500…


I no longer watch it weekly, but I've seen a couple of newer episodes recently and it's still good. Better than many of the new shows that are introduced each year.

So put me down for a "Yes".


I'll watch it, but I no longer go out of my way to watch it. I think they lost me when they started going overboard with guest actors voicing characters. Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel excepted, since they are actual recurring characters. I'm think more along the lines of the one-off, let's create a new character and story so that famous person so-and-so can be on the episode.


As long as the ratings are good, why not?


I don't go out of my way to watch it anymore and don't even DVR it anymore, but I still find it somewhat funny and somewhat fresh. Most shows are stale after 50 episodes, let alone 500. Even at this stage in its life, it is still better than many other shows on the air.


I retired my "Eat my shorts" T-shirt years ago.


I would rather watch Simpsons (even reruns) than any of the 'reality' shows that now flood the airwaves.


simpsons use to be comedic gold, and now its unwatchable. seems like the older episodes featured supporting characters alot more (Mr. Burns, Groundskeeper Willy, Homers friends etc...) but now it focuses almost solely on the family. Lisa's a whiney activist instead of a nerdy kid like she use to be. Homer never goes to his job anymore or interacts with any of the other funny characters. They should have gracefully bowed out of the spotlight 4 or 5 seasons ago, but they insist on driving it into the ground until we are all sick to death of it.


Behind the Laughter ( should have been the series finale.

While I can't blame them for not shutting down their billion dollar enterprise I went from religious follower (90s) to occasional viewer (00s) to not acknowledging that the current show is on (10s). It's only interesting because no other show I know of has survived it's post-meta phase. Usually the self-referential jokes are a signal that a show's on its last legs. The Simpsons started with those in the nineties.

As far as jumping the Shark I'd put forth New Kids on the Blecch ( or Grift of the Magi ( as potential tipping points. Both are unfunny, shoehorn celebrities into their plots, and completely disregard the James L. Brooks emotional element which was a huge part of early Simpsons genius.


Sure, I still watch it, and it still makes me laugh. Obviously, some episodes are better than others, but you can say that about all shows.


I still DVR it, and to be honest some of the new episodes are pretty good. During around 2004 to 2008 or so, the show hit a HUGE slump and had endless crap, but it's picked up a bit since then (even if it's not close to the quality of some of the early seasons).

There's a nice, almost timeless quality to it now. I have no problem with it continuing... it'll be a sad day when Simpsons is off the air, it's our last lingering connection to television shows from the 80's.

Will still never be as good as Futurama at it's best, though.


@novastarj: Futurama is a terrible show...


@novastarj: I love Futurama to death, but at their best Simpsons wins. I think that the start of that show correlates with the end of quality Simpsons is telling.

Also, I know technically it started in '89 (earlier if you count Tracy Ulman), but The Simpsons is a 90s show.


@axphw1: Oh I know it hit its stride in the 90's.

Perhaps I need to rewatch some of the top Simpsons seasons, it's been awhile... time to look at them again with fresh eyes (I think I've always loved Futurama because it has more heart than the Simpsons, even if it's never quite been as funny).


@novastarj: The heart debate is intriguing. I think the argument can be made in either direction. For Futurama, the end of Jurassic Bark kills me every time.

But the Simpsons had it early on.

Early Homer was a great character who dealt earnestly with love, temptation, alcoholism, religion, and his own shortcomings.


I think so.

The show definitely had a pretty decent lull in quality, but in my opinion it's (for the most part) picked back up. Recent episodes have been pretty funny overall.

It might have been a good idea to cancel a few years ago, but now that the humor's back up/ back to the roots, so to speak, I say let them run the course.

Besides, what would replace it? Another Seth McFarlene show? (I'm sure I'll get downvoted like crazy, but I cannot stand newer Family Guy episodes)


@thedogma: Upvote by me. Pre-cancellation Family Guy was okay, but now it's terrible. Only good MacFarlane show is American Dad.


I think they jumped the shark when they were spun off from The Tracy Ullman Show.


@90mcg112: I'm the same way. Actually getting a bit long in the tooth.


@ndcouch: You do know that's what the writers said years ago, about gold? They compared the Simpsons to a gold mine, and said that the longer a specific mine is used, the harder it is to find gold.

And that they were out of gold.