questionswhere can i get the best deal on breaking boards?


You can just go to Home Depot, buy wood, and cut it into breaking size boards. Much cheaper than buying them at the school. Usually, schools use pine.

I also have re-breakable boards. They are great to use for practicing at home. Not cheap, but last a long time. Check eBay for those as well, since once someone's kid quits TKD, they can't just burn them like spare pine :-)


@narfcake: Do the reusable breaking boards have a similar feel?


@dextermeth: From what I've seen, different brands net different results, so there is some difference in feel. If you're needing 1" already, skip any yellow/blue and go straight for the red/black.


@narfcake: Thanks for the help. I opted for the most popular set in the list your link pulled up. I think it was $30 for the Blue.

I really appreciate the help.