questionswhat is the most you would spend on diamond…


Way too many variables to give a dollar amount. First, it would have to be a reputable (in my opinion) dealer. Then it depends on the carat weight(solitaire or ctw), color and clarity. Sorry, can't give an answer.


I love jewelry. I have a lot of it. Other than (perhaps) Blue Nile, or Tiffany's, or a similar place, I would never buy jewelry online. Ever. Never ever.

I would certainly not buy diamonds or other precious stones. I find diamonds set in silver to be uninteresting, by the way (I notice deals for them now and then, and it just seems pointless).

Ah, you make me miss dear @catbertthegreat.


Diamonds ... as jewelry? What for? Put them on something useful, like a saw blade, and now we're talking!

Back to the main question ... indeed, way too many variables.


Gotta concur that it's just hard to give an answer. If someone offered a 1-carat GIA-certified VVS1, D color stone for $5,000 I'd have to really think about it 'cuz that would be an amazing price. But if someone who seems shifty offers a 1-carat pendant with a bunch of little stones set in sterling making up the weight and no indication of color/clarity for $60, I'm probably not a taker even though the price seems amazing. (the latter, BTW is a real deal seen here - just 'too good to be true" IMHO)


@Everyone- Thank you for your answers. We're a deal site that features fine jewelry and diamonds. I'm trying to get a feel for what the price ceiling is for jewelry on deals.woot. Cheers!