questionswhy would anyone pay $50+ for a game cd with no…


I think there are two ways to look at it:

The seller is a jerk: The seller is hoping the purchaser doesn't know that a key is required to play the game. It's unfortunate that people pull something like that.

The seller doesn't know: Their child has gone to college and extra stuff is getting sold off to pay for said college. They aren't aware the key is required.

Since in the description, it says the key is not supplied, and please read the description carefully, I think this person is hoping that the buyer isn't paying attention.


No. It's useless without a key and keygens might just get you caught.
This deal sounds like bootlegs.


@wickedd365: "You are bidding for a genuine version of the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for PC"

This would require him to sell a genuine disc from the manufacturer. All he did was go to walmart or wherever buy the game take the cd key out and list the game on ebay.

You then take the cd key to steam and play your game. The disc is of no value since the game requires steam activation even for single player. The only use for it is if A. someone doesn't want to download the game via steam due to slow internet connection or whatever and/or B. use a key gen. But both reasons are retarded if your already paying full price for the game.

I'm with bogie that someone doesn't know better. Be it the seller(which is unlikely) and the buyers(definitely)


@dravack: Yeah, that copy of Cars on DVD I bought for my Grandma on ebay was a retail copy too in the description. Got it in and it was was a DVD-R with a sticker label and a printed out case.


@wickedd365: Then you should of contacted ebay and paypal. Because they are required to follow the description of the item to the letter. Otherwise you get your money back.


@dravack: I did. I got my money back and made a copy of the disk. Win-Win!


The seller knows in no uncertain terms what the key code is for. They even answer a question about it.

So either the buyer is a grandparent who doesn't realize the importance or someone is thinking of taking advantage of Amazon possibly (?):

"Can I download and install to multiple computers?
For video games: Each game manufacturer has a different policy on how many installations are allowed with each product key. If you run out of installations for the product key you originally purchased from Amazon, please contact Customer Service and we will happily provide you with another key at no additional charge. You can install an unlimited number of times for personal use, however additional copies of the game for friends or family must be purchased separately."


@travelchic75: interesting. I never knew amazon has a policy like that. I find that really really odd that they hand out keys like that.


@travelchic75: They don't just hand out keys if you don't have the item in your purchase history. Why would you buy another one when you already have one original copy?