questionsdo you have a favorite & easy to make christmas…


Russian teacakes are super easy, fairly quick and can be dressed up well.
Instead of rolling in the confectioner sugar, I take a 1 gallon ziptop bag and gently shake them. Let them stand and cool a bit then do it again.
You can also make your own basic cookie dough, form it into logs and freeze now, then roll out or slice and bake later.


I like this recipe because it is quick to mix up, quick to cook, and has such a beautiful presentation and taste. It's also easy to do other cookies while you're waiting for the dough to set. However, the rolling in sugar step does add some time.


Christmas cookies are awesome. But doing something a little more interesting is memorable. Follow this raspberry tart recipe that I will swear by, but add white, red and green sprinkles on top for a perfect Christmas baked good :)


My mom always made the peanut butter kiss cookies during the Christmas season, and now with premade dough, it's prolly the easiest recipe I can suggest. Just pick up a package of premade peanut butter cookies, and a bag of Hershey's Kisses. Prepare the cookies according to their instructions, and about 5 mintes before you take them out to cool, gently press a Kiss in the center of each cookie.

You might have to tweak when you add the Kisses, as sometimes they will melt if put in for too long.



Pillsbury has got this handled with the cut and bake cookies, we do them every year and they come with designs already in the middle of the cookies. With 4 kids and no time around the holidays they are a great quick-good cookie to make and normally they have several designs to choose from around Christmas.


Sugar cookies are the easiest to make and hard to screw up. Get some of the Christmas-themed cut-outs and some sugar sprinkles and you're set.


@woothulhu: Kiss cookies and the alternate version where you press a mini reese's cup into peanut batter in a muffin cup are always a big hit. Thanks.
I've had them sprinkled with sugar. You got me thinking about a red and green sugar sprinkled version. I think these would look great.


@tucnguyen: I have a tendency toward OCD and everytime I try to power through some cut-outs I get bogged down in the details. Just can't let myself slather a mound of green frosting on a tree shaped cookie and call it finished. I now i have problems. ;-)
Thanks for the suggestion.


Last year the wife and I used a cookie-press with some success. A little hit and miss and the taste was average.
Anyone ever try the pretzle with the melted Rollo?


I know this is a month late, but here's a pretty easy and yummy holiday treat.

You'll need Rice Krispies, white chocolate chips and Spanish peanuts. Melt the chips in the microwave, mix in the Rice Krispies and peanuts. Drop onto wax paper or foil and let cool.

They are so good....