questionsaftermarket xenon headlamps, a good idea or not?


6000k crystal white bulbs. Bright without getting into possible cop trouble.


Xenon headlamps are not the same thing as those superwhite or blue lightbulbs that people put in their cars to make people think they have Xenon headlamps. If you really want Xenon headlamps, it will be more expensive than simply replacing your lightbulbs. Is it worth it? I have them in my car and my visibility is much greater than in my wife's car, which does not have them. The light is also "cleaner" and less yellow. But, I don't know that I would pay to have my car converted over if I didn't already have them installed.


Light bulbs also dim after a period of time. If your lights just seem to be dim, maybe you just need to replace them. Another thing to consider is that the brighter the bulb, the shorter it's lifespan.


Xenon colored lightbulbs will burn out much faster than a regular lightbulb just so you know. They are not really brighter because they are getting the same power that your old lights are. They will just be a different color.
On the other hand, real Xenon headlights do not have a filament. They have a ballast that increases the voltage (it might actually increase the current but it's not that important). They require a kit that will cost $200+ not including installation. These will be much brighter. Many kits eliminate the high-beam function of your car so watch out for that if that is important to you.
As for the legality, it is unlawful to install Xenon headlights on a car that did not come factory equipped. With the high volume of new cars that have these lights, it is less likely that a police officer would know exactly which cars this included and would probably opt to not enforce it. Technically, it's also illegal to drive around with fog lights on but no one gets pulled over.