questionsshould i get an ipad3 or a wii u?


Go for the WiiU. If your daughter is happy then your wife should be happy and it protects you from being yelled at by her. Because really, what wife yells at a man who provides for his children? Also as an added bonus you can play the new Mario games.


iPad. The Wii U is a joke just like the last Wii.
It only comes with one of the screen controllers, and if I remember correctly you will only be able to use one at a time per system.
The Wii U is way underpowered, and the one game that everyone wanted and was showcased for it, Zelda, won't be out till next year.

iPad will get way more use.

BTW: How about them Texans! Kept you guys from catching up.


Well if you get the ipad for the wife, you'll get sexy time! But then that may result in another kid. And then in a few years, you'll be faced with this same problem of choosing something for the new kid or the wife. And we all know history repeats itself... you'll choose sexy time again. And end up with another kid.

...repeat ad infinitum.


@mstislavski: New Mario games? Has there actually been a truly new Mario game in the last 10+ years?
Get the iPad, both your daughter and wife can use it, they make lots of apps and games for kids (pre-teen, teen, whatever age she is).


I am leaning more towards the iPad because I love my current android tablet and would love to see what Apple has to offer however @mstislavski makes a great point. Plus my daughter already has a Wii. She does play it a lot. I do like the idea that the iPad would be used more for school purpose but I can see both my daughter and wife playing Facebook games primarily. And yeah, the Broncos are killing me this year...


The two products you suggest are VERY different, so it's hard to recommend one over the other. The WiiU is pretty much a "catch-up" system, with graphics and processing power only slightly greater than the aging 360 and PS3 platforms. Other than the tablet controller design, the system will in many ways already be dated by the time the next xbox comes out, presumably next fall. The iPad, on the other hand... will also be dated when the next iPad comes out next year! But you'll get 2-3 years of good usability out of it, most likely.


@wickedd365: Actually, you can use two of the tablet-style controllers with the Wii U simultaneously, though it either scales back the displayed graphics or it reduces the frame rate (I don't remember which) if you do.

Furthermore your statement of it being "a joke" is itself ... a joke. The Wii has still sold more consoles than XBox 360 and PS3 combined. Just because it doesn't do 5x10^27 fps at super-mega-uber-deluxe-4D-HD for the 23rd installment of your favorite FPS doesn't mean its not a legitimate gaming console. The Wii has been the console of choice for a lot of people for many years, and the Wii U will help to modernize the market and bring more games back to it.


dude, make your wife happy. your daughter may get pissed at you, but so what? if you're wife is happy you can always just make another daughter. but if you're wife isn't happy with you, then you're pretty much screwed (and not in the good way)


So i talked to my wife's best friend (hope she can keep her trap shut). I'm going to get the iPad and give it to her for xmas. This gives me time to shop a nice case and throw in some iTunes gift cards for stocking stuffers. It's going to make x-mas really easy for me. I had no idea but I guess my wife has been bitc... uh...complaining about the ipod shuffle I bought for her a few years ago. Now she can hook up the ipad to our stereo with a dock instead of connecting via a headphone slot.

I still want to check out the Wii U. guess i better start helping more people at work instead of checking back here every 5 minutes. Thanks everyone


The Wii U will allow you to one day play mario galaxy on the can.

That's all you need to know.


@lparsons42: Yes, the Wii has sold more units, but most of that was because it was way cheaper than the other 2 current gen consoles. Also, go check those numbers again, the Xbox is catching up.

I personally don't care about graphics. It's always been gameplay over graphics with me. And I don't play CoD BTW.

I say it was a joke because Nintendo promised us alot from the Wii for us hardcore gamers and delivered squat. We got 2 Zelda, 2 Mario games and a Mariokart. Other than that it was all family and kid friendly games. There where a handful of good third party games, but not enough.
I bought a Wii on launch day and it has collected more dust than it has gameplay. I'm not alone on this. I know 15+ people with Wii's who either A) don't use them, B) Mad that they spent the money for a useless system, or C) sold it because of it not getting used.
It took them way to long to add Netflix and Hulu and those app suck on the Wii. 480p is a joke. Wii U won't even compare with current gen.


iPad 3 is an excellent decision. You won't regret it, and she will love it.


@wickedd365: When did Nintendo promise anything to hardcore gamers with the Wii? From day one it was about making gaming accessible. Commercials always showed families bowling and doing other active games. Hardcore gamers don't play those games.

And if you want gameplay over graphics then you should still be playing with a dreamcast, as it had far more creative gameplay than any XBox or Playstation system. You are likely being disingenuous.

In the end, though, the well has dried up for Wii titles lately because of the graphical limitations, not because of the game play. An excellent example is the Tiger Woods series. Tiger Woods 12 (the masters) for the Wii was the most accurate home golf simulator you could buy, period. Yet now we have Tiger Woods 13 and you can't get it for the Wii. EA Sports didn't make it just because it couldn't compete visually with the other consoles even though it was superior gameplay.


@lparsons42: from the very beginning the gaming community lambasted nintendo for being too kid oriented and not having any good games for the wii. nintendo kept saying at gaming conventions and press releases that they would eventually be releasing more adult themed games that would be more violent and less pre-teen oriented. i waited for those games before i bought the wii. since they never gave us those games, i never bought the wii. everyone i know who has one just uses it for decoration.


@ndcouch: I don't know where you got that notion from, as I never heard Nintendo make such claims for the Wii. What you claim is pretty well counter to everything they ever promised for the Wii.

That said, there have been Wii titles with adult themes - mad world being a great example of this. Why exactly you would expect a deluge of adult entertainment on the Wii is beyond me; the mature titles on the other consoles are almost all just button-mashing FPS titles with the gore turned up to 11. When a game involves complicated combinations of key presses, it becomes very difficult to port to the Wii with the Wiimote having dramatically fewer buttons.


Excuse me?!i don't understand see,I've been thinking about getting a iPad but my cousin says I should get a wii other cousin says I should go for the iPad . I need help please give me your opinion.thanks, sighned

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