questionshave you seen the 2000+ shirts for sale on shirt…


Since I am stuck home after my accident I have slowly been making my way thru the shirts. H ave bought a few, in a bigger size, sigh.


I don't know if this is the same as that:

But either way I like getting shirts I missed, just wished they were on their original AA blanks.


I've stopped even viewing shirt.woot since the blank switch. Who cares about the design when it's printed on a napkin...


No, must have missed them as I was going through the 147 daily deals.


@xarous: It's the same. Looking back, I'm actually thankful that they're not on AA blanks ... could you imagine how many more shirts would've shown up at my door?!

@firebirdude: FWIW, I rank the Anvil blanks higher than what's used at some of the other sites ... and practically every regular around here knows how much I dislike them already. :)


@gigi889: Which reminds me: How are you doing? Have you done the week with the grandkids yet?


@narfcake: "could you imagine how many more shirts would've shown up at my door?!"

The mind boggles [grin]!


@magic cave: Thanks for asking! Babysitting starts Wed. Went to "bone" Dr. They informed me arm was not broken (Immediate Care said it was) that wrist was broken in 2 places and will have to wait to see if surgery is necessary. Also found 2 broken ribs which I.C. told me I did not have. Get braces Friday. Actually doing well, playing lots of Mario and Sonic.


Yes, yes I have seen them. (sigh)


@gigi889: I'm so glad to hear you're doing well! Thanks for the update, and enjoy your week.


Yup, I've seen them. I actually bought one(and only one) too.


Is there a difference in the printing process for these?


I'm still buying a few just to get old ones I missed. I don't care if they're paper