questionscurved stainless steel shower curtain rod goes…


When I first saw the deal, I thought it was going to be a curved stainless steel sword (which would have been way cooler though slightly less useful)... so maybe I'm not the only one?


It's an item that people think they might want, but wouldn't have thought of on their own. And it's cheap enough that they go ahead and bite on it.
The activity in comments couldn't have hurt either.


it's a good deal, and i have one that works wonders for me. i don't like the curtain blowing around, touching my soapy body. even the weighted curtains suck. and these curved rods retail for $40 a the big box stores.

i'm just sad i missed it, i would've bitten



@w00tgurl: that a vampire?

That's awesome.


@trahentis: it's me ready to bite into a good deal. but instead i'm sad. i needed an extra for the 2nd bathroom. grrrr


new question:

Question posted about the Curved Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod goes Popular! Has Deals.Woot Been Hacked??


@w00tgurl: Seriously, who would've guessed people want useful deals? The madness I dare say!


I really like those style rods and thats a good deal on it. Not every deal on here has to be technology, bacon, and zombies you know.