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Until you find one, perhaps try posting a sign that the area is under constant survelliance? It may help deter kids with they think may be caught.


X10 sells a number of products like what you want. (You can possibly get them cheaper elsewehre, but it's a start.)

In particular, the Airsight is under $100.


@cmaxelson: I want to catch them first and see if a should be worried about some kids being dumb or an adult trying to gather information.

If it's kids I want to scare them and make them clean my house and yard for the rest of their lives in return for not calling the police.


Deals.woot usually has some. So does Amazon. Another option is to have the post office (P. O. Box for long term) and UPS hold your stuff, and pick it up on your way home.

@wootbot posted this 6 days ago, but it is $149.99 now.


that really sucks. hopefully you catch the jerk(s) doing this.

here's one for $83 with decent reviews:

- Remote pan/tilt control (pan:300° & tilt:120°), Freely control IR-LED on/off
- Remote viewing, record from anywhere anytime, motion detection alert via email or upload image to FTP
- Supports all standard browsers, Wi-Fi compliant (IEEE 802.11b/g), supports WEP & WPA WPA2 Encryption


@carl669: I have a few of the Foscam cameras and they work quite well. Computer Geeks has one with the same features and specs as the Foscam:
I think it was just yesterday that they had a special running for $49.99. I've ordered a couple of the ones from Computer Geeks and had them shipped to my daughter, and she loves them. You can set them up to send you an email (with pics attached) whenever they detect motion.


Not too sure about security cameras but for this exact reason, I always have my packages either delivered to my work address or have them leave them at UPS/USPS/FedEx where I can pick it up.

Best of luck getting these guys. I know first hand how irritating this can be.


Put a dye pack into a package. That'd show them...


I'm pretty sure this will be down-voted into oblivion for the non-tech solution, but here it goes anyways.

How about a locking mailbox? The reason I suggest that, is because of the unknown picture quality of the camera.
As for packages, have them ship to work or a UPS store/depot.


For a possibly cheap solution with things you may have.. a webcam set up could probably do it for you. Plenty of articles out there about setting that up.


@kmeltzer: That was my first thought as well. My office is at the front of the house, so this would be very simple for me to do. A laptop would make it very simple as well.


@prettywootprincess: While you're going through all this hassle, you might as well have some fun with the package bandits. Below are two links you may find useful:
100 live cockroaches for $18 shipped
And if you're not into roaches...
here are your other mailable live animal options

I would probably go with the bees as they would pack a punch and you wouldn't have to worry about an infestation. Also, just make sure you have your surveillance system up and running..this could be youtube gold. Good luck!


@oo7slice: As of now my boyfriend and I's plan is for me to hide in a box with other boxes on top and I will pack a punch and wield a can of spray paint so we can find them as they run.

Or we wait behind the door with a bat or gun and scare the crap out of them. Then make them work it off (if a kid) or go to jail (if an adult).

I would like the bee idea if I wasn't deadly afraid of bees.


found this on the internetz: "Another effective method to help stop mail theft is to install a mailbox chime or mailbox alarm. These will beep on a monitor inside the house each time the mailman comes or someone else opens your mailbox. If you are quick you can get a good luck at the thief or just know when your mail arrives so that it won't linger in the mailbox."


@carl669: The real trick here is making sure that what you have purchased is an actual Foscam product. There are so many knockoffs of it that it's really hard to tell, and the firmware/performance of the knockoffs is on the level of somewhat to mostly pathetic.


@prettywootprincess: I would report this to the post office. They probably won't do anything, but it may be a problem throughout the neighborhood that they will need to deal with. It IS still a federal offense.


@prettywootprincess: I wouldn't recommend hiding in the box if they are using a knife to open your packages (unless you don't mind changing your name to headlesswootprincess). But I do like your ideas. You should get one of those guns with the white flag that pops out and says "bang!"


@xavoc: I have reported it.

@oo7slice: I will have boxes on top that they will cut first. Maybe a bigger knife as well. Oh, and a peep hole.


@prettywootprincess: Those security systems that Woot has been selling periodically would work well in this case. Maybe work would let you borrow one to "review"?


for now i'd suggest a locking mailbox and with the packages, FedEx, probably ups and usps, allow you to have them held at a close location and you can pick them up when you have the time instead of having them delivered.

i'd also prank them. perhaps if you leave the flag up they'd be interested what you're sending someone? bee/roach idea is alright, if not for the fact that it is then your problem because they are outside of your house.


@prettywootprincess: Lol, hopefully they don't open and take the package with the surveillance system.


I bought this a few months ago

I have an iOS app, can view/hear/control over the internet and even stream it to my Woot Sony Dash.


careful about hiding in the box- velvet underground beat you to that:

also, you sure you want kids that are stealing your mail inside your house? Yard work while you're home might be a better idea.


That's so unethical, you should catch them, maybe you can get a tinny IP camera built-in your mail box, so you can see who keep opening your mail. 100$ is a high budget to buy one, a website for reference and hope you can get away from this as soon as possible.


i would say even if they are kids turn them over to the police while it may seem cruel if you can frighten them enough now hopefully they will stop their ways.

vote-for0vote-against , No CD Rom, No Port Forward..........Cloud Monitoring System


i have a PAN/TILT ip camera i'll sell you cheap ($25)
this is link:

It is same as foscam and uses same drivers

I just never used it


I don't think so.If I were you , I would turn to more and authorized webs for reliable information. Please do not confused by dust throwed by others.
I think Loftek and other IP camera both have their own highlights.