questionscan i get some advice on printable coupons?


I print coupons regularly from and occasionally from other sites, use a really old but great HP printer, and have never had a problem with a cashier scanning a coupon successfully.

If you're regularly having scan problems, the problem lies with your printer; without making printer changes, I don't see much hope for you to be more successful with coupons.

As an alternative or an add-on option, you might consider using a coupon clipping service. There are dozens out there, usually very inexpensive and reliable. The site I use charges $.08 per coupon (some higher-value coupons may cost $.16) plus a flat $1 per order for postage/handling. Last week I spent $4.48 for coupons totally $36 in savings. I've only used two sites, but I expect they're all relatively competitive in pricing structure.


Seriously? You haven't even TRIED increasing the print quality yet? If you are having this problem with multiple coupons at multiple stores, that would definitely be the first option. I print coupons all the time, have never had one bit of trouble.


I use an old Canon Pixma that they don't even make ink cartridges for any more and I don't have any problems with my printed coupons. I use, redplum, smart source, and manufacturer printed from their sites and facebook.


@theoneill555: Which old Canon? I have a handful of old cartridges you can have if they work for you.


@pattiq: I have an old IP2000. It still works great even with refilled cartridges.


Another reason to use laser. Or solid ink.

Anyway, cheap printing paper is more porous and prone to bleeding. Avoid that.