questionswhy is the media still talking about tim tebow?


He's a good QB. He turned the Broncos around, but I don't get the hype. There are tons of better QBs out there and they're not getting the same attention


For the same reason the Kardashians, Real Housewives, Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and all the other garbage is on TV.

Hate him or love him, people want to see/hear news about him. If the viewership was down then they'd drop it.


I feel sorry for the Broncos. If they sign a QB to compete with Tebow for the starting job next year, the new guy's going to get booed out of the stadium no matter how well he does.

That said, if you're the Broncos' GM, do you get a better QB to make your team a Super Bowl contender and risk alienating your fan base? Or do you sit back and watch the dollars roll in from all the tickets you're selling while Tebow runs the offense, knowing you'll probably never win a championship?


Tim Tebow was a college superhero. He was the first person to win a Heisman as a sophomore. He had a manner of playing that is rarely seen outside of a highschool QB. He was so good at it, it actually worked in college and he managed to use it in two national championships. However, no one believed it would ever be remotely effective in the high octane dynamic NFL system. Everyone imagined he's be drafted late and ride the bench until he got dropped in to nowhere. However he perservered and became a reasonable pocket QB and managed to also maintain the strong shoulder-down running style no other QB in the league has done in like 40 years.

The rundown is basically that he's a sort of oddity in the NFL and he's doing a hell of a lot better than anyone expected. Not to mention he's just a nice dude. Regardless of what anyone thinks of him, you have to admire the guy for working his ass off to get where he is and do what he does.


I can't see Tebowmania lasting too far into next season if the guy can't beat teams with winning records (well, teams with winning records who aren't decimated by injuries).


Religion is big now in politics so all facets are pushing it to include sports. There have been plenty of religious guys that have played but none have worked it into just about every comment. His hot or not play also keeps him in the limelight as people try to figure out what he is.


Also, I don't really have a problem with him and his religious comments, I mean, I was a huge Reggie White fan, and dude worked religion / God into everything. Unlike Tebow he actually accomplished something and deserved all the accolade and praise he got during his career.

RIP Reggie. :(


He's not a good quarterback. Good quarterbacks can throw the ball. He is basically a running back who can sometimes throw the ball.

And he annoys the holy heck out of me.


People asking about him and talking about him just like this question is why he is still around. It is a love/hate relationship, and things that cause controversy are often talked about, just look at newspapers and the news.
Love him or hate him even if he isn't the greatest QB, he is still doing what many would love to be doing, and being somewhat successful at it


As you can see from the upvotes and downvotes on some of theses answers, it's a pretty controversial topic. The media is just doing what they do with controversial topics: beating it into the ground. It's their job to sensationalize everything.

That being said, this has gotten a bit out of hand. I swear yesterday's Sportscenter had 5 minutes of footage consisting of Tebow cleaning out his locker and walking to his car.


I think there's another reason too. Ever since Brett Favre finally really retired ESPN's talking heads, Chris Berman in particular, have been searching for a new man-crush to gush on and on and on about.


@fenriq: ESPN should be gushing about Favre's replacement. He's an MVP candidate that is in the prime of his career. Or they could be talking about the QB that destroyed the Broncos.


@starbob: He also lost to Michigan... He is crap under any pressure.

Pretty sure Daniel Tosh sums it up:


@glamontagne: How has he destroyed the Broncos? I'm just curious...


I like Tebow because he is learning to be a gret QB and is a nice guy. I like that he doesn't give 'pat' answers, works hard and encourages his team. But the media is always trying to make a superhero or a controversy otherwise there would be nothing to talk about.