questionsgeneral schwarzkopf has passed away


There are just no words. RIP, Stormin' Norman.


One of the great military leaders...


He set an excellent example if only people would follow it.


remind me what he accomplished on behalf of our country that warrants this ridiculous community "question"? try not to cite and rely upon the opinion that was obviously cultivated by the mass media.

being as familiar with "stormin' norman" as the lot of you quite obviously are, please share with us how your perception of mr schwarzkopf extends beyond common celebrity. surely the justification for such posts includes familiarity with norman's lifelong accomplishments beyond that which included bombing innocent brown people in the middle east? certainly your rationale for mourning the life of a stranger--particularly that which cites the accomplishments of their military service--is thoroughly researched, and is not wholly influenced by your memory of daddy bush's war on iraq?

all told: do you have any idea who you're flapping gums about here or are you just whoring for upvotes like the rest of question askers/answerers on the "community" side of d.w.?


@pinchecat: I'm not an "upvote whore", sorry, and I didn't even down vote your reply. I don't give a damn about voting up or down.

That said, did you ever think it was possible that any of us may have served with or under Gen Schwarkopf before he became a household name during Desert Storm 1? There was much more to this man than what you saw on the nightly news.


He was a great military leader, and helped our country through a very tough period in our history. I pray for his family and their loss, and also pray for former President Bush's family as he is sick and in the hospital and was the President during the war that General Schwarzkopf helped led us through, and who also played a vital role leading our great country through the conflict.

God bless them and us all...


I'm sure the "brown middle east people of Kuwait" appreciated that Schwartzkopf ran the invading "brown middle east army of Iraq" out of THEIR country. Saddam Hussein's army was raping and pillaging Kuwait, when he came to the rescue.
Schwartzkopf was a soldier and he did his job very well.

Rest In Peace General, you deserve it.
De oppresso liber