questionswho's got any weird house/apartment/dwelling…


I poop in my shower and bath in my toilet

Does that count?


This was many years ago. A friend was helping me find an apartment; budget constraints limited me to small, privately owned apartment buildings. We found one in a fairly nice neighborhood; it was one of several owned and managed by a husband-wife team. Wife said her husband was doing some work in the place and would leave the door unlocked for us; we just needed to lock it behind us when we left.

The apartment was, as advertised, unfurnished, except....

Except for the bedroom, which had an el-cheapo shiny silver bed with an equally gaudy bedspread, silvery nightstands, and a large, slightly angled mirror on the wall above the bed. At the foot of the bed was a fairly professional photography set-up, complete with lots of lighting equipment and diffusers, as well as various items of boudoir decor.

Uh, yeah. Not really my kinda place. To this day, my friend and I occasionally laugh about the apparent porn studio we stumbled upon and wonder if the wife knew about it..


I had a landlord showing me a room in an already very weird converted hotel when he casually offered a free place to sleep in his bunk with him. I politely declined.

I also once looked at a room in a converted garage. No windows and it was near the ceiling so it was hot and stuffy. Strangely decided against that one too.

There are some others but those two stand out. Oh wait, I shared a house with a narcoleptic guy once. That was interesting.


I was looking for a sublet for spring semester my junior year and I had a cat, so I couldn't be that picky. I was finishing up a co-op from out of state and couldn't even look in person so I had to resort to online (this was in the early days of online stuff, even less trustworthy if possible). I did work through a school service to find other students so that helped a little, or so I thought. I found two guys who were sharing an apt and needed another roommate for the rest of the yr. I was thinking this might be a good way to meet guys (as a girl) so I signed on with them. During our final emails when I pretty much had no chance to back out they finally confessed they were a couple. No big deal - but the shadiness should have keyed me in. One of the guys and I wound up hating each other and I pretty much locked myself in my room the whole time I lived there due to his tormenting (including leaving piles of dog poo outside my door). Other guy was sweet but overwhelmed.


I hope people have some good stories, I just came back from 4 hours of fairly fruitless house hunting. I saw a couple of places that were bad, and one that just broke my heart. It had a huge price cut, had lots of amenities (pool, etc) and was on tons of land. I was curious why it was at the price it was at.

It took about 5 minutes to figure it out. The place was like meeting an old friend that let themselves completely to to hell. This place needed lots (6 figures) of work to brink it back. Probably an old couple, or just a widow, that couldn't keep it up any more and it just fell apart. Very sad and forlorn.


@iggz: It only counts if you use "bathe" instead of "bath".


We toured this house where the owner had a rustic country look going on. In their mind, to set a good atmosphere for showings, they had maple scented candles and potpourri throughout. It was waaay too overpowering. We passed this house many times during our house hunt, and while the house was nice, I just never thought I could get the pancake/waffle breakfast smell out of the "maple syrup house" if we bought it.


During the time my husband and I were looking for our first house, we were getting frustrated because we couldn't find anything we liked, at a price we could afford. One weekend we went to a yardsale. At the sale they had 15 years of subscriptions to "Fate" magazine, from the 50's-60's. I wanted them, but the price was too high, and they wouldn't budge, even at the end of the day. Four months later, the house went on the market, and we ended up buying it, complete with the mags. It really was fate, because the next door neighbor became my best friend.


I did most of the hunting for our house and I had a couple of "huh?" moments. My favorite was this old 1800's farmhouse. It was a little ramshackle on the outside but no big deal. Inside, the ceiling in the kitchen was only 6' and when I went up stairs, oh my lawd. At the top of the stairs was the master bedroom, no doors or separating walls, just a wide open bedroom. And in back of the railing of the stairs was a toilet. Again, no doors or separating walls, just the toilet. To this day I crack up thinking about it.


@flyinggirl: They had different concepts of modesty when that house was originally constructed!


We toured a house that had a fireman's pole leading from the upstairs loft to the downstairs and the kitchen walls were dry erase boards. I kind of liked it but there were no closets and there was no railing on the upstairs loft area so it seemed a little dangerous. Oh and the upstairs bathroom had no walls or door, just a shower curtain that you could pull closed. Ew creepy!