questionshave you managed to do anything stupid so far in…


Wasted the first hour of it comparing deals.....?
Or is that the first smart thing I've done it 2012? ;)


Seriously? I bought a gift Groupon subscription to the Economist w/ an expired credit card. After 10 minutes of trying to repair the damage I discovered it was no longer a GIFT subscription, but for me. Then I contacted their support ppl to let them know. THEN I realized I could change it back to a Gift myself. So THEN I had to contact support folks again to let them know all was set. (Knock, knock--rapping on my head--anyone home?)


Well, so far all I've managed to do is not get enough sleep (batting 1000 on that so far this year).

Give me time.

I'm considering buying another pair of bluetooth headphones. Not sure why as I've pretty much stopped using them and this pair won't be good for driving (it is the Zonda ones from 1saleaday today).


why should today be any different from any other day? we all start the day by getting up. wouldn't we all have better days if we just stayed in bed all day?

vote-for4vote-against's an exit, not an entrance


At 15min after the new year, we got yelled at by police for setting off fireworks w/o a permit in a residential neighborhood... For a group of late 20's and early 30 somethings, that could easily count as stupid.