questionsshould i upgrade my tv?


Looks like a great TV, especially at your price. I say go for it. You could always sell your old one if you don't want to keep it. Or give it to a relative.


That's a pretty darn good price! If your current TV is 1080p and a LED, then I'd say pass. But if you don't have an LED, why not? You can either have the other tv as a backup or sell it.

I personally don't care for 3D at all, but if you've already got the theater system and you're not paying any extra for the 3D, then it's just an added benefit you don't have to use.

All in all though, I gotta say, great, great price.

I vote yes.


umm for that price. if you have a place to put it, absolutely!


$900 is a great price on that TV.

Personally, I'd rather have $900 to spend on something I definitely want or need instead of a new TV that I don't need or really even want that much.

(If you really wanted it, you'd be asking us if we were jealous of your new TV.)


BTW- I wouldn't be.


As someone that was just in the market for a tv and just purchased one, I'd say yes. I went new generation plasma, but that is a fantastic tv. Cheers!

Amazon reviews if anyone is interested:


Yeah, it really depends on if you need a new TV or not. New televisions are always coming out every year.

It really just depends on the consumer if they want to keep their televisions (we had our LG LCD TV for like over four years now probably and still haven't peeled off the packaging stickers on the side of the screen).

If you have GAS (Gadget.Acquisition.Syndrome.), you would be a person who keeps upgrading their things to the latest (which is pretty cool if you always have someone over). But I've been pretty humble with my televisions and we plan to keep the TV until it breaks with no fix for it.

But if I was looking for a TV and for the price you are given, I'd go for it.


I would buy the other TV and sale it on eBay for a profit, I'm always looking to make an extra buck


@jseureau: Unfortunately with special pricing comes special conditions, and by special I mean prevent us from doing just that. :)


@joshobra: I'm gonna go with your advice on this one. My 3 year old TV is still Full HD and 120HZ, even though it lacks "new" features I think I can hold off another year, or until it breaks. LG usually does a promo like this for us each year to promote their new stuff so hopefully I'll pick up whatever cool stuff comes out next year! :) Thanks for the input everyone!


For that price? Absolutely do it.
The 240Hz panels are seriously high quality, and the Smart TV features are awesome. I say do it and sell the old one.


This is a no brainer. Nothing wrong with having two TVs or even selling your old one.


Instead of just buying one, follow the Woot! credo and buy three!


I don't mean to be a wet blanket here, but let me ask you this one question: can you afford it? If you have the money lying around, go ahead. This will be a good upgrade, and you can eithe use the TV around the house, or (as was pointed out) Cragslist it. Even you only get $200, that drops the effective price of the new TV to $700.

The list on this TV is $1949, currently going for $1299 on Amazon with free shipping, so you are getting a $400 discount.



1) You don't really NEED the new TV
2) The old one works just fine
3) You can easily afford the new one (i.e. pay cash out of pocket)
4) You feel this is a guilty indulgence

Then go for it, and donate your old TV to a place that could really use it, like a local senior center or boys/girls club. That way you get the upgrade and the old one goes to good use, plus you can still get a tax write off for the charitable deduction.